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Formation LMD

Licence 3 Management & Global Business (Bachelor)

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Nature :
Formation diplômante
Lieu d'enseignement :
Niveau de recrutement :
Bac + 2
Durée de la formation :
1 ans
Année de sortie :
Bac + 3
Accessible en :
Formation initiale

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Présentation de la formation



The Bachelor in Management and Global Business aims to provide students with a wide range of skills and techniques specific to the field of Management and international business practices. Students will learn how companies analyze situations and respond to challenges they are facing while doing international business.
The program targets French and international students, the audience mix allowing to strengthen the intercultural dimension.

Upon completion of the program, students will have acquired the fundamentals of Management and will be able to apply for a Master’s degree within the iaelyon or another School of Management, or take a gap year to gain experience, before applying for a Master or starting their professional life.

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Organization of tutorials
1.30 contact hours throughout 10 weeks: 15 contact hours + a 1 hour exam.

Organization of lectures
2 contact hours for 12 weeks, 24 contact hours in total, 6 contact hours of international conferences or lectures taught by Visiting Professors.


  • Integrate socially sensitive and responsible management within the missions of leaders and managers
  • Apply analytical theories to practical situations
  • Adapt to the diversity of the worlds with open-mindedness, think outside the box, and adjust to specific contexts
  • Being able to identify the roles of an organization and its relations with its stakeholders
  • Knowing how to use the main concepts of organization management in an international context


- stage obligatoire

Internship (3 months minimum)

Modalités d'accès

Formations requises

  • Applicants should have completed at least a two year academic program in Economics or Management 
  • Good command of English 
  • 120 ECTS

  • Degree seeking applicants:
    • French students
    • Non-exchange international students
  • Non-degree seeking applicants:
    • International exchange students

Conditions d'admission

The selection process will focus on ensuring a multicultural  classroom with a very high academic level.

Applicants are selected based on:
  • An application form (background, motivation,  professional  project, academic records...)
  • Their international experience
  • Their international professional project that matches the MGB program
  • An IBT TOEFL Test Score dated less than 2 years is required with an overall minimum score of 80 and a minimum of 20 for each of the four section. Please note that the IBT TOEFL is the only TOEFL score accepted.
    OR a TOIEC Test Score dated less than 2 years is required with an overall minimum score of 650.

  • Application form to download in early February 2017
  • Application deadline: March 25th, 2017
  • Interviews: early April 2017 (face to face or video conference interview)
  • Results : mid-April, 2017

Contenu des enseignements

Graduates from the MGB program will be able to  apply for a Master’s degree within the  iaelyon  or  another School of Management, to take a gap year  to gain experience, before applying for a Master or  starting their professional life.

  • Being able to identify the functions of an organisation and its relationship with all its stakeholders,
  • Knowing how to mobilize the main concepts of organisation management in an international context,
  • Being open to the diversity of the worlds, taking stock and knowing how to adapt,
  • Being able to integrate societal responsibility into management practices in an international context.


Bachelor Management & Global Business - Term 5

Bachelor Management & Global Business - Term 6

  • Licence 3 MGB - Semestre 6 - UE Complémentaire (Obligatoire à choix - 18 ects)


Tél. : +33 0(4) 26 31 87 45

iaelyon School of Management
Université Jean Moulin
Campus Manufacture des Tabacs
1C, avenue des Frères Lumière - CS 78242

Responsable pédagogique

The brochure

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