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MA/MBA - General Management Program - GMP

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program summary

Nature :
Program delivering a degree
Diplôme national
Entry level :
Bac + 4
Program duration :
1 year
Accessible as :
Initial Training
Employee training

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Program overview


A double-skilled programme
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The General Management Programme (Master of Management and Business Administration), IAE fl agship degree, offers an overall vision of Business Administration and Management to students from Humanities or from scientific or technical backgrounds : engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.
The strength of this Master’s, based on the principle of double skill, lies in its general purpose and in its ability to welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds in the objective of multi-disciplinary exchanges.
This programme enjoys strong recognition as a result of its outstanding durability.

Specific Features

Compulsory 6-month minimum internship beginning in March, in France or abroad and end of study thesis.

Entry requirements

Admission conditions

The General Management Programme is by definition open to a diverse public (engineers,
lawyers, doctors, or students with a background in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Humanities, etc.)
Based on the principle of double skill, it is designed for students holding 240 ECTS credits,
earned outside the IAE (therefore Non-Managers)....

Students’ selection is based on: 

  • an application form (previous background, motivation for management studies, corporate experience, quality academic standing, etc.)
  • results of the SIM Test (IAE Message Score) or TAGE-MAGE
  • results of the TOEIC or TOEFL test (if English is not the applicants’ native language)

Enrolment procedures

Master 2 - General Management Program, GMP
- Apply online / Opening: 11/04/2016, Deadline: 20/05/2016

Program description

The General Management Program is taught over one academic year consisting of two semesters: September to December and January to March, followed by a required Internship (6 months minimum).


  • International Business Environment, Business English,
  • Information Systems and IT Management, Business Law &Taxation,
  • General Accounting and Financial Management ,Cost Analysis,
  • Quantitative Methods in Decision-Making support,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Marketing Tools and Approaches (Market Research and Operational Marketing),
  • Organizational Behavior & Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • Corporate Strategy.

  • A choice of paths: Cross-Cultural Management, International Business Development, Operation Management & Logistics,
  • International Management Seminar,
  • Internship Methodology course.
  • 6-month minimum Internship,
  • Thesis and Defense

Graduate opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates are hired in a wide variety of employments and business sectors matching their previous education.
They are highly represented in General Management and Marketing positions.



Partnerships with prestigious schools
Partnerships established with engineering schools (INSA, University Polytechnic School of Lyon 1, ECAM) or other renowned institutions (Institute of Political Studies of Lyon,  ENTPE) allow students to coordinate their postgraduate studies with their initial program.
International partnerships
The French version of the General Management Programme is available in several foreign countries: Poland (Lotz), Hungary (Budapest) and Czech Republic (Prague). Part of the courses is taught by local lecturers in the foreign country’s language and part by IAE Lyon lecturers.

Contact details


Tél : +33 (0)4 78 78 75 31

Tel : 33 - 04 78 78 71 88 - contact.iaefc@univ-lyon3.fr

IAE Lyon
Universite Jean moulin Lyon 3
6 cours Albert Thomas - BP 8242
69355 Lyon cedex 08 - France

Enrolment Information



Stage :

Mandatory internship
Internship abroad

Compulsory 6-month minimum internship beginning in March, in France or abroad and end of study thesis.

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