06250160 - Operation management

Niveau de diplôme Licence - Semestre 6
Crédits ECTS 6
Volume horaire total 39
Volume horaire CM 24
Volume horaire TD 15


  • Damien Bonhomme

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Operation Management is faced with this delicate balance: deliver quickly and satisfy the customer. Can the management and project management methods inherited from the industrial revolution respond to this reality? Are the V-cycle and its tunnel effect adapted to this new context? How can we eradicatewaste in operational processes and improve dramatically the lead time? How to deal with unexpected events? And how to adapt quickly and effectively to transform constraints and hazards into opportunities? This course will explain the Lean Management approach and the DMAIC problem solving tool to improve operaion management and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the course, students should be confident in understanding the concepts of Value Added, Process, Variation.
Ability to do an operation management diagnosis and to give solutions.

At the end of the course, students should be confident in applying a problem solving approach to improve the customer satisfaction.
Ability to work in an international team in order to improve the processes and to find solutions.

In the solutions given.


- Study Case : operation management diagnosis and solutions to match customers requirements on different international markets
- The competitive strategy
- Operation strategy and operation performance objectives
- Operation strategy and SCM
- Operation management diagnosis tools
- Marketing versus Operations
- Operation issues
- Sales and Operations
- Time Based Management
- Operation risks management


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  • Global logistics : new directions in supply chain management edited by Donald Waters (2010)

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Contrôles des connaissances

Final Exam
Written 2 hours

Continuing Examination
Written exam 1H30
In class examination
Nature of student work and proportion weight: Group Work

Informations complémentaires

An innovative approach to training based on benevolent pedagogy and participatory tools such as:
  • Gaming to promote understanding of methods,
  • Sharing to promote ownership and application of methods,
  • The application on concrete cases,
  • Learning by doing by.