06270095 - Individual and business communication

Credit hour 6
Total number of hours 39
Number of hours for lectures 24
Number of hours for tutorials 15


  • Jean Pfiffelmann
  • Peter Sommers


Knowledge of the different models, concepts and business communication

  • Listening skills and tools in individual
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Communication skills


1. Introduction: Understanding the foundations of individual and business communication
  • Professional Communication in today's world
  • Collaboration and interpersonal communication
  • Communication challenges in a diverse, global marketplace

2. Application of the three-step writing process
  • Planning Business Messages
  • Writing Business Messages
  • Completing Business Messages

3. Preparing Reports and Presentations
  • Planning reports and proposals
  • Writing reports and proposals
  • Completing reports and proposals
  • Developing and delivering business presentations

4. Marketing communication
  • Models and tools
  • Case study

5. Digital marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Case study

6. Development of listening skills and communication planning
  • Listening skills analysis
  • Communication planning
  • Managing conflicts

7. Communication across cultures
  • Challenges of cross cultural communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Tools to improve cross cultural communication
  • Case study

8. Communicating in a persuasive way
  • Persuading in face to face situations
  • Strategic language, persuasion, and defending a point


THILL, John V. / COURTLAND L. Bovee (2017): Excellence in Business Communication.- 12th edition, Pearson, Harlow, Essex
DE PELSMACKER, Patrick / GEUENS, Maggie / VAN DEN BERGH, Joeri (2013): Marketing Communication. A European perspective.- 5th edition, Pearson, Harlow, Essex


Written exam, 1 hour

Additional Information

Students should have an interest in communication.
Willingness to participate actively in order to improve own communication skills A good understanding of basic business functions is helpful Ability
to analyze critically

PPT presentations, individual and group work, break-out sessions, class discussions and presentations, case studies
The active participation of the students is mandatory in order to make this course an interesting and rich. A great emphasis is put on individual and group exercices in communication (eg. selfpresentation, elevator pitch, mock interviews…

might be filmed during their presentations (communication situations) - Analysis of the filmed material in class.