06270142 - Public Speaking and Communication

Crédits ECTS 3
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This course is an introduction to speech communication which focuses on the practical skill of public speaking. This course includes techniques to reduce anxiety before public speaking situations, how to best use visual aids in a presentation, effective language and audience engagement. This course's goal is to prepare to students to succeed in typical public speaking situations and help provide them with the basic guidelines for organization and preparation in order to deliver an effective speech.

- How to outline speeches in a logical and thorough fashion.
- Understand how public speaking reaches beyond speech delivery and can affect aspects of professional life such as management, leadership, arguing a project idea, communicating within a team, receiving a promotion, organization, and developing strategic language.
- Develop an understanding of what makes a good story and how to form one.
- The role of speech in public settings.
- How language influences your audience and how you can make impact by choosing the right terminology and phrases.

- Plan and prepare speeches that inform, persuade, or fulfill the needs of a special occasion.
- Use presentation aids to enhance speeches.
- Become an effective storyteller.
- Analyze the audience and design speeches to reflect your analysis
- Conduct meaningful research on a variety of topics
- Evaluate speeches based on a variety of verbal and non-verbal criteria.
- Listen Effectively, regardless of interest in subject matter.


1. Introductions
2. Course guidelines and materials
3. Analysis of first public speaker: TED talk about how to give a TED talk. Breakdown speech and identify the effective components of the speaker.
4. Partner exercise: Fictional life presentation.
5. Dealing with Anxiety: Video analysis of poor public speaking and Anxiety effects. Active discussion on anxiety and how to reduce and use it to the speaker's advantage.
6. 1st solo presentation. Elevator Pitch: each student creates their own elevator pitch and delivers it to the class.
7. Video comparison of two different public speaking situations.
8. Fundamentals of Public Speaking: Audience, body language, voice, KSPs.
9. Preparing and forming a speech: Speech structures and how to effectively craft your message.
10. Using pronunciation and intonation. How the same words can give different meanings. Exercise on modifying pronunciation and intonation to deliver different messages with the same words.
11. 2nd solo presentation: Informative speech: students decide on a topic. Apply acquired knowledge to speech.
12. Visual aids: what tools we can use and how to use them effectively. The Do's and Don’ts of visual aids.
13. Changing your perspective: How to reduce anxiety, be present oriented and engage your audience. Change the way you see the audience and how they see you.
14. Persuasive language and how to sell a speech.
15. 3rd solo presentation. Persuasive speeches. Group and individual exercises.
16. 4th solo speech: Topic of choice. Apply learned skills and apply to speech.


Resonance by Nancy Duarte

Contrôles des connaissances

Final Exam
45 minute written exam

Continuing Examination
3-5 minute individual speech

Informations complémentaires

The methods for this course work by alternating theory and practice. Students will attend lectures in which they will obtain theoretical knowledge of subjects within the public speaking and communication domain. They will then have the opportunity to apply and practice these this knowledge in practical situations and obtain feedback regarding their application of the knowledge. The class and is to use only constructive criticism and comment on points that can be improved rather than focusing on what didn't work. This is to help build confidence of each participant and to help them grow into effective public speakers.

-Use of projector to display professional speakers and analyze their speeches.
-Use of computers and microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation visual aids