8th international Research seminar within the International Week 2017

Published on December 19, 2016 Updated on March 7, 2018

Seminars bringing together Visiting Professors participating in the iaelyon International Week, iaelyon Faculty and Ph.D. students around three cross-themes “Complexity, Innovation, Networks”; “ Management and Societal Responsibility of Organizations”, “International Management”.

During the 8th Research seminar organized by the Magellan Research Center, Visiting Professors participating in the 2017 iaelyon International Week will give a presentation.

The seminar aims at enhancing exchanges and collaborations between Visiting Professors, Faculty and Ph.D. students at iaelyon. The seminar brings together more than 50 participants.


Session 1: “Complexity, Innovation, Networks”

Room 102
Chair: Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY

  • Alan CABELLY, Portland State University (United States): “Improving Interactions between Members of Different Generations in the Workplace”
  • Ali ELQUAMMAH, HEM Business School (Morocco): “Innovation in Higher Education”
  • Maria Elisa FARIAS, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile): “Role of innovation in the Chilean economy”
  • Terrill FRANTZ, Peking HSBC Business School (China): “Blockmaps : A Visualization Tool for Social Network Data”
  • Alfredo Ricardo VARELA, UNAM - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico): “Artificial intelligence, humanity challenge”
  • Nicolas ORTIZ ESAINE, ESAN (Peru): “Consumer tribes: auto-consumer segmentation”
  • Arkadiusz  KOWALSKI, Warsaw School of Economics (Poland): “Territorial pattern of ICT sector development in Poland”

Session 2: “International Management”

Chair: Ulrike MAYRHOFER

  • Raul Guillermo AMIGO, Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires (Argentina): “How to create a Multidimensional Experiential Framework” 
  • Keith COOK, Edge Hill University (United Kingdom): “A comparative study of the adaptation required by international students in an international learning environment”
  • Isis Olimpia GUTIÉRREZ-MARTÍNEZ, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico): “High Performance Work Practices in IberoAmerica”
  • Joel HIETANEN and Jacob OSTBERG, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University (Sweden): “The Style of the ’Invective’ – Fatalistic Tendencies of Expressionism in Late Capitalism”
  • Chia-Chi SUN,  Tamkang University (Taiwan): “A conceptual framework for R&D strategic alliance assessment for biotechnology industry”
  • Alfredo VALENTINO, Luiss Business School, Università Guido Carli, Rome (Italy): “Do institutional pressures affect Divisional/Regional HQs relocation? An empirical study on isomorphic, coercive and normative effects”

Session 3: “Management and Societal Responsibility of Organizations”

Room 104
Chair: Denis TRAVAILLE

  • Caroline COULOMBE, UQAM - Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada): The Reflexive Practitioner in Project Management : training and working
  • Bozena FRACZEK, University of Economics in Katowice (Poland): “Financial education under CSR and financial inclusion”
  • Edmundo R. LIZARZABURU, Universidad ESAN (Peru): “Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation in the financial sector of developing countries”
  • Canan MADRAN, Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey): “Motivating sustainable consumption from community-based social marketing perspective: an experimental case in higher education”
  • Charbel SALLOUM, USEK School of Business (Lebanon): “Democracy across Gender Diversity and Ethnicity of Middle Eastern SME’s: How Does Performance Differ?”
  • Eddy SOUFFRANT, UNC Charlotte (United States): “Why Business Ethics ?: Developing a Culture for Ethical leadership”

> Contact : Ulrike MAYRHOFER,  iaelyon Magellan Research Center - ulrike.mayrhofer@univ-lyon3.fr