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9e séminaire de recherche international dans le cadre de l'International Week 2018

Publié le 12 décembre 2017 Mis à jour le 28 août 2019
iaelyon International Week
iaelyon International Week

Séminaire réunissant les professeurs invités pour l’iaelyon International Week et les enseignants-chercheurs et doctorants de l’iaelyon autour de trois thématiques transversales : « Complexité, Innovation, Réseaux » ; « Management et Responsabilité Sociétale des Organisations » ; « Management International ».

Durant ce 9e séminaire de recherche organisé par le Centre de recherche iaelyon Magellan, des professeurs invités pour la Semaine Internationale 2018 de l’iaelyon présentent une communication. 
Le séminaire vise à favoriser les échanges et les collaborations entre les professeurs invités et les enseignants-chercheurs et doctorants de l’iaelyon. Il réunit plus de cinquante participants

Le programme :

Session 1: “Complexity, Innovation, Networks”

Salle 102
Chair: Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY
  • Arkadiusz KOWALSKI, Warsaw School of Economics (Poland): “Asian model of clusters from the perspective of the experiences of Thailand”
  • Yong Jin KIM, Sogang University (South Korea): “The effect of digital transformation on firm performance”
  • Alfredo Ricardo VARELA JUÁREZ, UNAM - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico): “A theoretical approach to artificial Intelligence and its impact on every day work”
  • Alan CABELLY, Portland State University (United States): “Leadership for the 21st Century: How Leaders can improve their skills”
  • Luis CASTIELLA, Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina): “Innovative cities and their impact on economic development”
  • Terrill FRANTZ, Peking University HSBC Business School (China): “Blockmaps: A visualization tool for social network data”

Session 2: “International Management”

Salle 103
Chair: Ulrike MAYRHOFER
  • Raul AMIGO, Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires (Argentina): “Using artificial intelligence to qualitative and quantitative research”
  • Ye-Sho CHEN, Louisiana State University (United States): “Flying high, landing soft: An innovative entrepreneurial curriculum for the internationalization of SMEs”
  • Julie DAVIES, Huddersfield Business School (United Kingdom): “HRM challenges in regional SMEs: International comparative case analysis”
  • Pamela J. DECKER, Western Kentucky University (United States): “Think large and bring the world to Lyon:  A case study of iaelyon’s international week program”
  • Natalie KOEPPE, IAE Toulouse (France): “The macro-context of cross-regional talent management”
  • Olli KUIVALAINEN, Lappeenranta University of Technology/University of Manchester (Finland/United Kingdom): “Decision-making in internationalisation in the SME context”
  • Richard BUTTIMER, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (United States): “Land investment in the presence of price, quantity and entitlement risk”

Session 3: “Management and Societal Responsibility of Organizations”

Salle 104
Chair: Marc BONNET
  • Andrew BRADLEY, Australian National University (Australia): “Institutional CSR: Filling governance gaps in developing countries”
  • Carmen DONATO, Luiss University (Italie): “CSR Dimensions in Luxury Industry”
  • Elhadji Moussa Kébé FALL, BEM Management School, Dakar (Senegal): “Is China able to stimulate the world economy in case of crisis?”
  • Renato PEREIRA, ISCTE Business School, IUL (Portugal): “Dynamics of African entrepreneurship”
  • Chia-Chi SUN, Tamkang University (Taiwan): “Exploring key factors and strategies in corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the high-tech industry”
 Session 3 will be followed by a meeting of the CSR Network, room 104, 5-6:30 pm
- Recent developments on the Principles of Responsible Management Education
- Sharing School’s best CSR practices towards their stakeholders
- Taking stock of the Schools’ best practices to devise conceptual frameworks and consider publications in international peer-reviewed journals.
- Further steps

> Contact : Ulrike MAYRHOFER, Centre de Recherche iaelyon Magellan