Additional Research Output

iaelyon has defined a long-term innovative pedagogy & TEL strategy that aims at encouraging teachers progressively to integrate technologies and innovative pedagogical methods in their courses. It has the objectives of further developing new pedagogic delivery modes to enhance the student learning experience matching the needs of its different targets whether pre-experience, post-experience programs or executive education. In support of the strategy, the Dean has appointed a TEL project manager in 2012 and a Special Advisor for Teaching Innovations & Cooperations in early 2016. Support resources are also made available at the University level, such as an e-learning platform (Moodle), voting boxes and educational software

  • A yearly workshop, since 2014, has been organized at the School on Innovative Pedagogy and TEL in the frame of the iaelyon International Week. It is designed to share best practices among international visiting faculty and the School’s
  • MOOCs: The Dean is Vice-President of AUNEGE, the national digital University for Economics & Management that reinforces the recognition of the School in this field and also provides opportunities for new developments by the Faculty. The first results have translated into serious games, videos and virtual guided tours in companies that are integrated in some curricula. Teachers also use the e-learning platform for sharing online course materials with their students and co- creation.
  • Case studies. Several iaelyon members publish case studies written in cooperation with businesses, in particular in the field of company internationalization in France and in Europe. In 2017, iaelyon received for the fourth year running the “Top Institution” award from the CCMP- Center for Pedagogical Cases and Media which rewards the School for its new most widely disseminated cases.

  • A series of videos and company virtual guided tours have been developed in partnership with the regional steel industry and are integrated into the Bachelors’ program.
  • Development of innovative initiatives in executive education: the example of the “Hackathon” or “how to build bridges between academic knowledge and experiential knowledge”. The experiment has been carried out in continuing education in the first year of the Master General Management. The outcomes of the challenges were presented to a jury made up of external academic experts, faculty, corporate representatives, students and alumni from the School as an additional way to cross fertilize between students, companies and faculty.
  • The involvement of Research Center is high with the University of Lyon Entrepreneurship Center, one of the biggest pole of Entrepreneurship in France.