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Published on March 16, 2020 Updated on April 14, 2020

In the face of an exceptional health situation, iaelyon is making sure that we update everyone as regularly as possible. You will find the latest information in regards to the measures we are taking, on this page.

[updates : 04/08/20, 5.00pm]

Applications : English language Test for students in their 3rd year of MGB Bachelor’s

Due to exceptional circumstances, the English language test shall not be required this year for the 3rd  year of the Bachelor’s in Management & Global Business (applications from April 27 to May 14).


Professional Education

The Director of iaelyon Professional Education and Career Development Division informs you :


In the current context and due to the state of health emergency, the Internship Service of the Professional & Career Development Division is making every effort to ensure remote administrative continuity and enable you to complete your academic program in the best conditions. The team is available by email at  conventiondestage.iaelyon@univ-lyon3.fr  to answer all your questions and we sincerely appreciate your understanding and your patience.  For your information, the situation of students currently carrying out an internship are a priority since our teams must make sure that all health measures have been taken by the host institution and that the situation of each of these students has been regularised.   

► Internships in France 

1) Ongoing internships

a. Closure of premises but activities are maintained :
If the internship allows, and if all the Parties having signed the internship agreement have been informed and agreed, the internship may be carried out from the student’s home as long as : 
  • The student commits to remaining under the authority of the host institution, to carrying out and performing as best as possible his/her internship missions as defined in the initial internship agreement from home from March 17 until further notice. This authorization shall be sent by email and validated by the University internship agreement manager as soon as possible.
  • The company commits in writing to ensuring an adequate supervision by any disposable means (Skype, telephone, emails, etc.) : this should be detailed in the email exchanges.
b) Closure of premises and stop of host institution activities :
If the internship is interrupted, the Parties should notify it by email and by mutual agreement.
c) By way of exception, for internships that cannot be carried out remotely and take place within open host institutions in compliance with the ongoing emergency regulations, the rules regarding safe distance have to be observed within the company.

It is the responsibility of companies to rethink their organizations in order to :

  • Limit the number of meetings to a strict minimum,
  • Reduce grouping of employees in confined areas,
  • Cancel or postpone non- mandatory business travels,
  • Adapt the work organization, namely through team shift.
►► In that case, coordination is required between the student, the host institution and the university regarding the conditions for continuing the internship. The intern may exercize his/her right to withdraw and interrupt his/her activities as long as the employer has not implemented adapted preventive measures.  https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/actualites/A13902
Administrative information :
In principle, a tripartite amendment is required for any change in the agreement : remote internship, postponed internhsip dates, cancelled internship, early termination. However, given the unprecedented crisis circumstances we are undergoing, emails exchanges expressing the will of the Parties and the scope of their new obligations shall be accepted to validate the de facto situation. 
  • In case of remote internship :
    Since the amendment cannot be drawn up at the time of the change in the internship conditions : email exchanges between the intern, the institution (at least the internhsip tutor) and the academic institution (at least the academic tutor and the internship manager, if possible in cooperation with the referent professor) may validate the changes.   
  • If the internship is even remotely maintained, gratuity must still be paid out.   
  • If the internship dates are postponed :
    The Parties agree on postponing the internship dates and indicate that the internship duration will be specified as soon as the authorities will allow having more visibility on the situation. 
  • If the internship is terminated :
    If the Parties cannot reach a contractual agreement, or if the specific situation of the student or the company do not allow continuing the internship, the Parties shall at least record the early termination by email, ideally through an amendement.  

2) Future internships

►► Face-to-face interviews (where required) are suspended until further notice.

In case of future internships and if the agreements have already been finalized :
They are authorized provided all Parties agree and provided they can take place at the student’s home under the same conditions as mentioned above. 

In case of future internships and if the agreements have not yet or have only partially been processed :
These internships may at least be validated in compliance with the ongoing emergency regulations only and only if they can take place and be validated at the student’s home.  

The agreement application procedure remains unchanged but the delays for treatment are de facto extended. We thank you for your understanding

► Internships abroad

For students who have not yet started their internship, in particular for students in their 3rd year of the Bachelor’s in Business: the internship is at least postponed, whether the agreement has been signed or not.  No internship may be started until further notice.

The internship assessment procedure will be adapted according to your situation (partially completed internship or no internship).


Applications :SIM test and language tests

Due to exceptional circumstances, no (Sim or Language) test will be required for application files reviewed for programs taught in French. When you post your application on the E-Candidate platform, leave a blank page (PDF) in place of the required files.  French language tests for international students are still required.

However, for MASTERS taught in English (IBR Master, GMP Master) any language test you would have taken may be submitted, without expiry date restriction. Applicants shall be interviewed by means of video-conference by the educational committee. 



Academic and administrative teams are committed to making all they can to review application files and proceed to selection according to the initial schedule.  Additional sessions are offered in some programs, the schedule is regularly updated. 
Application dates for the Bachelor’s in Business are postponed : from 04/30/20 to 05/25/20.
Competition for access to the 2nd and 3rd year of the Bachelor’s in Business : the situation is currently being reviewed in order to offer an alternative to the entrance exam.

Further information about the COVID- 19 situation at University Jean Moulin


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All iaelyon academic and administrative teams make every effort to daily enable the School to remotely carry out its fundamental missions as best as possible. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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