Disciplinary Research Groups in Management Sciences at iaelyon

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The Finance Research Group focuses mainly on three research areas:
  • Financial accountancy and financial analysis
  • Company financing issues
  • Corporate governance
HEAD OF TEAM: Jean-François GAJEWSKI - jean-françois.gajewski@univ-lyon3.fr


The Human Resources Research Group has developed an expertise in the following areas:
  • Employment and skills management
  • Consequences of technological change
  • Work organization and working conditions: international comparisons of HRM practices
  • Career management

Head of team: Didier VINOT - didier.vinot@univ-lyon3.fr


The Information Systems Group develops models, methods and techniques for the Modeling of Open, Adaptive, Interoperable and Cooperative Systems (MOSAIC). The IS group research cover 3 issues:
  • Management, Development and Innovation of Knowledge and of users’ practices 
  • Information Management, Discovery and Retrieval
  • Big Data, Open Data, Open Process, Business Process: Heterogeneity, Uncertainty, Contextualization, Governance, Trust and Security in the Open, SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), Social Networks, and Cloud environments.

Head of team: Chirine GHEDIRA-GUEGAN
- chirine.ghedira-guegan@univ-lyon3.fr


The Marketing Research Group deals with 3 themes:
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Brand identity and strategy

Head of team: William SABADIE - william.sabadie@univ-lyon3.fr


The Socio-economic Management Research Group has developed expertise in the diagnosis and socio-economic management of organizations.
4 fields are addressed simultaneously:
  • Dysfunctions
  • Hidden costs
  • Structures
  • Behaviours
Head of team: Véronique ZARDET - veronique.zardet@univ-lyon3.fr


The Strategy Research Group concentrates its activities on strategic management and the theory of organizations.
3 research themes are highlighted:
  • Internationalization, multi-nationalization, trans-nationalization
  • Governance & CSR
  • Innovation and decision-making
Head of team: Caroline HUSSLER caroline.hussler@univ-lyon3.fr



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