Employability Weeks at iaelyon – 2018

Published on October 8, 2018 Updated on October 22, 2018

From November 19 to 28, HR Experts (recruitment consultants, career management and professional mobility advisors and company Human Resources managers) will prepare you for an internship or job hunt.

[legende-image]1290696771977[/legende-image]PROGRAM OF THE EVENT

Exchanging with professionals will allow you to get some valuable advice to optimize your approach and to smoothly and effectively apprehend your search while meeting recruiters expectations.

They will help you to:
  • Define your project and inquire into your target market 
  • Contact decision-makers through social and contact networks 
  • Prepare and succeed in your interviews
  • Optimize your communication tools
  • Make a difference during an interview 
  • Seize all opportunities while completing your internship

These shared feedbacks will prepare you well to a competitive environment by helping you rationalise your approach. You will thereby excel during the Careers in Management Recruitment Forum  taking place on November 28th 2018 from 12PM to 5PM.


November 20, from 12pm to 2pm, Salon des Symboles - Registration is mandatory


November 21, from 12.30 to 2pm Room 102 - Registration is mandatory. The event is open to all University Jean Moulin students


November 23 from 12pm to 2pm - Auditorium Malraux

This conference will be presented by Campus Managers members of www.synergie-campus-entreprises.org Synergie Campus Entreprises and an iaelyon Alumni collaborator – Register by e-mail in November.

Over 30 big French and International groups, representing over a million workers in France, are part of the Synergie Campus association. Its objectives are to support exchanges between the professional world and higher education, disclose career opportunities and rehabilitate less popular jobs in the sales sector.  Business positions in sectors such as manufacturing, services, large retailers, or banking may have the same name but cover different missions. Find out about the missions, multiple profiles, high responsibility positions and springboards, in France and abroad, that those companies offer their respective sales forces.

  • Adecco groupe France : Florence GRAVELLIER and Magali BERGER, Alumni iaelyon
  • Auchan Retail : Patrick PEYSSON and Sébastien Laurent, Alumni iaelyon and Equipment/Household and Leisure Sales Managers
  • Volvo France : Guy Bravais and Cécilia VAISSAIRE Alumni iaelyon and Service Contracts Analysts
  • Société Générale : Anne BEAGUE and Salvatore CACCIATORE, Risk Manager on the market of companies
  • Danone : Cihan SARIKAYNAK, Market Manager and Alumni iaelyon 


November 26 from 12pm to 2pm - Salon des Symboles - Registration is mandatory


November 28 from 12pm to 5pm - Salon des symboles

Internships – V.I.E (International Volunteer Program) – EMPLOYMENT FORUM for COMPANY RECRUITMENT – Free Entry

As in previous years, iaelyon will host, for the benefit of its graduates and Master’s degree students, over 35 companies from all business sectors (manufacturing, services, banking and insurance, retail, IT…), national and international companies, local SMBs and MSBs, all offering jobs, long-term internships and V.I.E. opportunities.

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Contact :
Internship and Career Center - Ph: +33 (0)4 78 78 70 68 : iae-eca@univ-lyon3.fr
Partners :
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