iaelyon International Week 2020: coming to you from Morocco, Czech Republic and Canada !

Published on April 7, 2020 Updated on September 27, 2021
iaelyon International Week 2020
iaelyon International Week 2020

Students of iaelyon, participate in the International Week by going to Morocco, in partnership with HEM Business School, in Czech Republic, in partnership with VSE Prague, or in Canada, in partnership with HEC Montreal!

Offered during the 2020 International Week

 International Week at HEM Business School (Morocco)

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Program of the week:
  • January 6 : Arrival in Tangiers
  • January 7 and 8 : "Social innovation and entrepreneurship" Seminar
  • January 9 : On-site workshop at Perdicaris
  • January 10 : Cultural visit of the old city of Tangiers, company visit to discover the best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • January 11 : Departure for Lyon, or stay for a weekend at our own cost.

 International Week at VSE Prague (Czech Republic)  

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Program of the week :
  • January 6 : Arrival in Prague
  • January 7 : "Expansion of the European Union and current economic conditions in Central and Eastern Europe"seminar ; Guided visit of Prague
  • January 8: "The marketing plan and the situational analysis methods of the market" seminar; company visit (Google)
  • January 9 : "Commercialization specificities in CR" and "Launching of the cosmetic brand Uriage on the Czech Market"seminars; visit to the Economic Cooperation Service of the French Embassy in Czech Republic
  • January 10 : Preparation of presentation on "Building a marketing plan to launch a top French brand in the Czech Market" in the morning, and presentation in the afternoon, followed by a closing dinner 
    January 11 : Departure for Lyon

 International Week at HEC Montréal (Canada)

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Programme détaillé du séminaire :
  • January 5: Arrival in Montreal
  • January 6 : Guided visit of Montreal 
  • January 7 : “The current trade landscape and why it matters” and “Economic diplomacy and its discontents” seminars 
  • January 8 : “Why, where and how do companies go abroad?” and “Who should companies target abroad: the TOP, MOP or BOP?” seminars
  • January 9 : “Is your organization ready to internationalize?” seminar; company visit
  • January 10 : “Managing the tension between global strategy and local reality” seminar; Afternoon conference 
  • January 11 : Departure for Lyon


Created by : PAVM, Université Jean Moulin