iaelyon is aware of its impacts on its immediate environment in connections with its regional rooting. In 2012, the School measure the impacts of its activities in the frame of the pilot Business School Impact Survey (BSIS), a tool developed by the FNEGE and the EFMD and measured their nature and scope not only in financial and economic terms but also in terms of contributions to the regional community, innovation and activities development, image and attractiveness on the impact zone. The School has wished to renew the approach in 2017. 
The approach helped iaelyon not only quantify and qualify its contributions to the socio-economic environment and the regional stakeholders but also innovate in its forms of communications with stakeholders thinking in terms of influence and impacts versus key figures and linear progressions. Internally this approach enhanced the personnel’s sense of belonging and strengthened by a mirror effect the meaning of the missions they carry out on a day-to-day basis. This process led to thinking more about development strategy with impacts objectives.
In spring 2015 iaelyon lunched a magazine entitled “IMPACTS” mainly in order to highlight for stakeholders the School’s contributions and expertise regionally and internationally. The magazine has been designed as a space for sharing experiences and disseminating knowledge. The magazine alternates in-depths reports in which practitioners and academic experts confront their opinion on main issues regarding business and organization corporate activities, and shorter articles to bring forward innovative thought.

2017 BSIS Report

iaelyon main impacts on its region. 
  • 357 million Euros / year (+38%/2012) Global financial impact on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region 
  • 734 full time equivalent (+9%/2012) Resources earmarked for company and organization support and development 
  • 632 press quotes / year mentioning iaelyon and therefore the Lyon Metropolitan area
  • 203 events / year organized at iaelyon
  • Nearly 800 practitioners / year involved in the School life (governance, selection panels, defense panels, steering committees, conferences, career forums…)
  • Significant impacts in terms of intellectual outreach, societal responsibility and image.