International Management by Hanane BEDDI and Sophie NIVOIX

Published on February 21, 2017 Updated on March 7, 2018

“Management International” is a practical publication co-written by Hanane BEDDI, Associate Professor at iaelyon and co-director of the Master’s in International Management, and Sophie Nivoix, Associate Professor Certified to Supervise Research at the University of Poitiers.

[legende-image]1290696750027[/legende-image] The synthetic publication which explains the definitions and main concepts in International Management is designed for:
  • University and School of Management students (Bachelors, Masters, specialized Masters)
  • Professionals in executive education
  • Professionals interested in the international development of their organization

Supported by many concrete and contemporary examples, the work provides a constructive, academic and detailed analytical approach. Designed in a managerial perspective, it offers a thematic division allowing to answer three main questions:

Part 1: Why go international?

The reader will be able to analyze the international environment, understand the terms of the international development of companies, and elaborate an internationalization strategy.

Part 2: What tools to go international?
The answer relates to the key functions of a company which goes international: the funding mechanisms that can be activated, the organizational means of international companies, the logistics tools implemented to complete its activity.

Part 3: Which specificities for the company going international?

The most important specificities are related to four fields: marketing, innovation, human resources management, intercultural management. 

Editions Vuibert, 1st Edition, January 2017.

About the authors

Hanane Beddi is an Associate Professor in Management at iaelyon, and a member of the International Management Team at iaelyon Magellan Research Center. She is co-director of the Master’s in International Management. 

Sophie Nivoix is an Associate Professor Certified to supervise Research at the University of Poitiers, at the Law and Social Sciences Faculty.