International Week 2020 : Focus on the 4.0 industry

Published on February 27, 2020 Updated on September 27, 2021

A highlight of the university calendar, the annual iaelyon International Week welcomes two groups of MBA students coming from Baruch College (New York, USA) and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) for specifically dedicated seminars. Two Winter Programs are organised with the crucial support of local partners.

Presenting and exploring the excellence of our region and contributing to its outreach to foreign visitors : such is the mission that iaelyon, a member of the University of Lyon and a founding partner of the OnlyLyon initiative, has given itself by welcoming overseas delegations during the iaelyon International Week. A highlight event of meetings for our local business partners and our international academic partners, helping to emerge Ambassadors for our thriving city!

Renault Trucks Vénissieux: a remarkable industrial site

renault-trucks A well-established group in the region for other 120 years, Renault Trucks has once again opened its doors to the American students from Baruch College and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This visit links history and technological innovation from the world leader in the manufacturing of truck engines, and was animated by the dynamic Jean-Philippe Bertuzzi di Annibale, Head of External Relations. Following in the footsteps of Marius Berliet, the founder of Berliet (the precursor to Renault Trucks) and a native of Lyon, the students were able to explore all the steps of constructing a heavy-load engine and understand the international strategy of this local giant.

A model of collective intelligence in 4 dimensions

A collective based on the site of USIN in the Parilly district of Lyon, a precursor of the 4.0 industry, the Ruche Industrielle (Industrial Beehive) continues to build its collaborative model, based on Scandinavian practices of ideation and co-creation. The modesty of its current location, which is undergoing transformation, and the humility and dedication of its teams, do not give away the operational excellence of its “bees” and the founders of the Ruche which amazed our American colleagues. A very particular company, which aims to put the industries of our region back at the heart of its challenges and that of society in general. As a a multi-faceted space the Ruche is built around three pillars: the transformation of business, the inter-business collaboration on projects, and the development of our ecosystem. They surprised and enticed the students with their unique model, the modesty and kindness of their teams, and the 4.0 demonstrations of a metamorphosing industry. We would like to thank Caroline Felix, Noémie Humbert and Laura Billon for this visit and extraordinary presentation.

OnlyLyon : a 360° overview

Skyroom The students were able to admire the skyline of Lyon from the Skyroom, at the top of the Oxygène Tower which has one of the best views of the city. The perfect occasion to be able to discover the exceptional quality of life, economic dynamism and effervescent cultural life that Lyon has to offer. It was in this magnificent space that Kristin Mangold, the International Networks Manager of OnlyLyon, presented the regional-to-international marketing strategy of her organisation: an opportunity which could inspire some of the young, talented ambassadors from across the Atlantic.
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