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IRIS - Construction of a measurement tool to evaluate the satisfaction of public services Web sites users

7th International research seminar in service management, La Londe les Maures (2002)

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One of the consequences of the efforts of modernization of public services was the rapid adoption of the Internet as an alternative to the other modes of contact for certain operations. The Web site appears in fact, more than a simple medium of communication, being a true service experience. Considering the Web site as an element of the system of servuction makes it possible to make accurate measurements of its effectiveness in terms of satisfaction and perceived service quality. The objective of this communication is to determine which elements a user of public services takes into account in his judgement of satisfaction, and so, this research presents the construction of a multidimensional measuring instrument of the satisfaction of the users of a public service Web site.

Créé le 6 février 2007
Galan J.-P. et Sabadie W. (2002)