Research in Business and Management - iaelyon, University School of Management

A fast-developing structure

Research activities are part of the core missions of the iaelyon School of Management. The Magellan Research Center is responsible for coordinating and developing Research projects in the field of Management. Its members publish the results of their works in scientific and professional journals as well as in reference books. They give lectures on current topics and participate in national and international conferences on a regular basis.

Many projects are carried out in cooperation with the socio-economic world with the aim of providing innovating solutions to issues at stake and contributing to the creation of added-value in organizations.

Every year, the Research Center hosts several scientific events bringing together experts around questions related to business managerial practices.

Programs integrating the latest scientific findings

Activities of Research and knowledge creation ensure the quality of teaching dedicated to the development of skills. The participation of core faculty in congresses, conferences or workshops enables to experience different approaches and to develop new educational material. 



  • 80 core faculty at the Magellan Research Center
  • 30 Research-supervisors
  • 70 Ph.D. students
  • 6 disciplinary Research teams
  • 3 cross-disciplinary Research groups

Research meeting business concerns

In the field of Management, the link with businesses is essential. A dissertation written in this field always includes, beyond the works’ theoretical implications, a presentation of the practical implications in terms of management for businesses or organizations. The School’s corporate relations and network of alumni are key assets to help develop a Research that will lead to concrete solutions applicable to the needs of companies.  

Field-based work allows Researchers to compare their methods with business practices and enables them to further develop their courses in executive programs where participants expect in-depth thinking and a specific knowledge of tangible and operational tools.

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Research organization

iaelyon Research Center (Magellan Team) is currently made up of :

Three cross-disciplinary Research groups:
  • Complexity, Innovation, Networks;
  • Management and Corporate Societal Responsibility;
  • International Management.

Six disciplinary Research teams:
  • Finance ;
  • Socio-economic Management;
  • Marketing ;
  • Human Resources;
  • Strategy;
  • Information Systems.

Organization of conferences and congresses

The iaelyon organizes or takes an active part in the organization of many national and international conferences and congresses as well as in workshops of a more restricted scope yet bringing together Researchers around specific themes. These events enable fruitful exchanges between core faculty of the various institutions represented.


Magellan Research Center
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