iaelyon Steering Committee

This Committee helps share development priority action plans defined in the context of the implementation of the internal Contract of Objectives and Means (COM) with the parent University. 

The Steering Committee brings together around the Management Team, the Head of Departments, the Director of Communications, the Director of Development for Executive Education, the field-based programs’ Advisor  and the Manager for Quality Services.

Project managers are invited to join the meetings in order to share information on the progress and implementation of their projects. 

Project Managers


iaelyon Seminars

Two annual seminars, one in the Fall and another in the Spring, bring together the Management Team, the Steering Commitee and the Heads of Administrative Services in order to exchange on the progress of activities implementation and project development. Operational  Steering CommitteesOperational Steering Committees monitor the activities in the field of Executive Education, Field-Based Programs, Corporate Relations, Education & Programs, International Activities, Research and Departments.

Operational activities Steering Commitee

Executive Education Steering Committee 
Headed by Corinne FORGUES, Director for the Development of Executive Education  

Co-op Steering Committee
Headed by Corinne MONTOYA, Academic Director for Alternance   

Corporate Relations Steering Committee
Headed by Catherine MERCIER-SUISSA Vice-Dean, Corporate Relations and Executive Education

International Activities’ Steering Committee
Headed by Anass NIDAM, Vice-Dean and Director of International Activities.

Education and Programs’ Steering Committee 
Headed by Oliver BRUNEL, Director, Education. It is made up of degree and program directors. The Education and Programs’ Committee has been set up within the School in order to focus on the program portfolio and its development both in terms of content and process. It also serves as an essential forum of exchange for degree and programs’ directors.  

Research Executive Committee
Headed by Jean-François GAJEWSKI, Director of iaelyon Magellan Research Center.

Departments’ Steering Committee
It is made up of the Heads of Departments :
The Heads of Departments are responsible for supervising the teaching quality of programs and the coordination of disciplines, in particular in terms of teaching service allocation. They are also responsible for maintaining teaching progressions in their area of specialty while ensuring a suitable academic level for programs, taking into account research advances in the field of Management.
Since the award of the QUALICERT service certification in 2013, iaelyon internal audit service carries out at least one internal audit mission per year between the external audits by the SGS certifying body. Besides, the award of the EPAS accreditation by the EFMD since 2008 and its involvement in the EQUIS accreditation process had led the School to adopt beforehand a continuous progress approach.