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Virtual reality game: Neopolis challenged the students of the Master MCCD

Published on July 21, 2021 Updated on July 21, 2021
Jeux de réalité virtuelle : Neopolis
Jeux de réalité virtuelle : Neopolis

For their end-of-year project, the second-year students of the Master of Digital Marketing and Communication (Master MCCD) of iaelyon were challenged to increase the downloads of the Neopolis game (a reality game developed by the Lyon-based studio Revolt Games) by using social networks. A 100% win result!

Virtual reality games mix elements of our normal physical environment with learning elements that appear virtually for example on the screen of a smartphone.
The most well-known is PokémonGo, but it is not the only actor on the market! A Lyon-based start-up give itself the challenge to transform our world in a giant Monopoly gameboard in virtual reality. So, when going home from work or going to get groceries, in a number of countries in the real world, it is possible to buy buildings around us to become the best player in Neopolis.

Objective : increase the number of downloads of the game

As a part of a partnership between iaelyon and Revolt Games (creator of Neopolis), the students of the second year of Master of digital marketing and communication were given their end-of-year project. The business gave them the challenge of increasing the number of downloads of the game via an online communication campaign using social networks.

A challenge successfully met at the end of this particularly different, hybrid-teaching year which gave them a glimpse at virtual reality on a day-to-day basis!

A communication plan, and deliverables

After having done an audit of communication outlets used by the company, and a benchmark of practices on the market during the first semester, the students set out to create a digital communication plan and deliverables for the company, from Facebook campaigns to TikTok stories, created as a part of their classes.

The works were presented and evaluated by the company at the end of June on the Manufacture des Tabacs campus

Every year, the end-of-year project of the students of the Master MCCD allows them to put into practice the teachings of the year and further professionalize the students’ practices.

For this 2021 edition, they also discovered the world of virtual reality games and the challenges they face in terms of conversion. A game of which all the participants are winners !

We warmly thank Ben Kaltenbaek and Joris Morato for having opened the doors of Neopolis to us and to all the students for their work and creativity.


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