iaelyon Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Proud of its vocation as a School of Management based in a University, iaelyon aims at excellence and creates added value by developing the talents and capabilities of all its stakeholders. Programs and courses rely on the activities conducted by iaelyon Magellan Research Center, a Research laboratory which focuses on applied Research in Business and Management. iaelyon pays particular attention to the impacts of its activities and productions in terms of managerial innovation and societal responsibility.  

Acting as the only full service public School of Management within the University of Lyon, iaelyon upholds a vision that is open to the outside worlds, proud of its humanistic mindset and acts globally as a bridge between Management, Social Sciences and Humanities. Agora within the city, the School develops links between Management, Humanities and Social Sciences in France and abroad to promote a socially sensitive and responsible Management.  

In that respect, the motto of the School “THINK LARGE” reflects a set and permanent mindset which combines adaptability and openness.  

Our Mission

iaelyon is committed to the dissemination of Management and development of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region from Lyon and abroad with the mission to:

  • Educate “socially sensitive” and responsible experts & managers in cross-disciplinary skills and specialized programs, aware of their environment, conscious of their roles and responsibilities and upholders of the vision of a Management nurtured by Humanities.  
  • Generate and disseminate management & business applied Research to think large, innovate and be impactful. iaelyon Research activities ensure a fully updated outlook on program activities while supporting socio-economic partners in their action and decision processes as well as constantly keeping a prospective vision of careers in Management. 
  • Create Agoras connecting academic, socio-economic, scientific, international, cultural and institutional worlds to help enhance the development of the School stakeholders’ skills.

Our Values

As a public actor in Higher Education and Research, iaelyon embodies the French republican values of equal opportunity, upward social mobility and public missions of services.

The motto of the School “Think Large” demonstrates iaelyon growing commitment to:
  • Expose the School to its environment 
  • Foster adaptability
  • Lower walls
  • Question existing management knowledge.