06211055 - Change and Innovation Management

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Crédits ECTS 1
Volume horaire total 16
Volume horaire CM 16


  • Jonathan TRIPP


“The only constant is change” 
In our dynamic business environment, it is necessary for companies, teams and individuals to be ready to adapt to change or anticipate change. Being able to adapt requires an understanding of what is change, the concepts around change management and tools for affecting change. Anticipating change touches on a fundamental mindest shift to become more innovative and to navigate risk and uncertainty. 

During the module we cover the “good practices” for change management, the necessary skills needed for an innovative culture and the methods entrepreneurs use all through case studies, group discussions and practical exercises. 

In average we estimate that personal work should not exceed the teaching hours, so 16 max. 

At the end of the course: 

The participants will be able to: 
  • Identify the mainstream models for change management 
  • Understand the key elements for effective change management and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Apply which tools and methods would be effective for them in their context
  • Recognize the idea that change is now a constant in a VUCA world 
  • Have an overview of approaches and methods to approach innovation
  • Appreciate the mindset of an entrepreneur and the scientific method behind
  • To apply the models from the course in their business context


Each person should be able to: 
  • Understand and identify the “major” schools of thought around change management 
  • Clearly identify the enabling and limiting factors around change management 
  • Have an understanding of the methods and tools essential for successful change programs
  • Understand the need for change in an ever changing and uncertain world (VUCA) and the link to innovative practices
  • Define what is innovation and the explain the difference with invention
  • Understand the power of crowd (collective intelligence) and its importance for driving innovation and change
  • Appreciate the mindset of an entrepreneur and the effectual process 
  • Experiment innovative practices that can be implemented in their organization 


Course aims are to: 

Help the participants understand the key elements in an effective change management process based on the mainstream models, be able to see the limitations around them and be able to identify the key factors for success. Through theory and practical exercises based on real life examples. 

Introduce the participants to the skills necessary to be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment and the need for transformation and innovation. Abord the subjects of innovative practices and the need for collective intelligence. Identify the skills needed to innovate, thinking like an entrepreneur and by taking an effectual approach. Experimenting and practicing with the tools and methods. 



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Contrôles des connaissances

In class examination
Nature of student work and proportion weight:
Group work (50%)
Participation and engagement (50%)

Informations complémentaires

The course has an interactive approach, meaning that the participants have to express themselves, participate actively and listen to the others.
The “professor” will present a number of approaches to change management and innovation and the participants should be able to understand what this would mean for them in their individual context and share their questioning. 
The participants should develop their knowledge be questioning and sharing experiences guided by the “professor”. 
The participants will receive the complete sets of materials presented during the class and additional resources to accompany on their change and innovation journeys. 

All course material will be supplied in .pdf format at the end of the course. Additional learning resources and tools will also be shared.  

The course is an in-person based session. The need for computers will be at the discretion of the participant.  

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