International Workshop CPSS 2018 on Software Engineering for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

Published on July 20, 2018 Updated on July 20, 2018
International Workshop CPSS 2018
International Workshop CPSS 2018

The international workshop CPSS 2018 is organized by The Open University – LERO (Ireland), the National Institute of Informatics (Japan), Khalifa University (UAE) and Claude Bernard University University - Lyon 1 in partnership with iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin.

As the Internet of Things becomes part of our every day lives, forming a complex system that spans across digital, physical and social boundaries, there are significant challenges to engineering the software that forms the core of these cyber-physical-social systems. These include:
  • Dynamic composition and evolution of systems of systems
  • Ensuring security, privacy and trust
  • Enabling M2M, M2P and P2P collaboration (M=machine; P=person)
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning techniques 
  • Human factors relating to the design, construction and use of CPSSs
  • Transparency engineering for CPSSs 
  • Adaptive systems
  • Analytical methods for design and construction of CPSSs 

The workshop brings together a community of software engineers whose work relates to the above challenges, with the aim of exploring potential research directions and collaborations.
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Local organization of the comitee:

  • Chirine Ghedira, iaelyon School of Management, France
  • Dr. Mahmoud Barhamgi, Claude Bernard University, France