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Professeur invité : Claudio Agostino Ardagna - Università degli Studi di Milano

Publié le 21 février 2023 Mis à jour le 14 mars 2023

Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Directeur du CINI National Lab on Big Data, sera à l’iaelyon du 21 février au 9 mars 2023. Il animera le séminaire "Governance, Risk and Compliance in Modern Data-Intensive Distributed Systems" destiné aux étudiants du Master 1 Management des Systèmes d’Information. Il Interviendra sur le thème “Non-Functional Certification of Modern Distributed Systems” auprès de l’équipe SOC (Service Oriented Computing), Laboratoire Liris, le 24 février à 10h.

A propos du séminaire ‘Non-Functional Certification of Modern Distributed Systems’

"The evolution of ICT is a rapid and inexorable process that changed the society landscape several times in the last decades. 
Different technologies have been presented and came to maturity: from distributed to mobile systems, from cloud computing to edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT), from big data to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Modern systems are shaping our life and bringing new services to citizens. For instance, patients are treated and monitored at their homes with smart sensors, energy delivery is governed by smart grids, and smart transportations are changing mobility, to name but a few. The price we pay for these smart services/systems is the increasing risks of security, privacy, and safety attacks, with a new set of serious threats that target all layers of service-based architecture from application to data. In addition, this new and evolving scenario is radically changing the security assurance domain, introducing the need of new compliance and certification techniques that consider the target of certification from a wider perspective, including the development process as well as the machine learning models on which it is built.

The seminar focuses on the most recent developments of certification-based assurance and its role in the definition of trustworthy distributed systems and services. In particular, the seminar presents a multidimensional certification scheme for distributed systems and services, where additional dimensions model relevant aspects (e.g., programming languages and development processes) that significantly contribute to the quality of the certification results.  It also discusses how a multi-dimensional certification scheme enables a new generation of service selection approaches capable to handle a variety of user’s requirements on the full system life cycle, from system development to its operation and maintenance. The talk further presents the next steps in certification-based assurance, presenting the challenges introduced by the need of certifying machine learning models and its application in the context of the PNRR Project MUSA. Finally, it will give some initial insights on the need of defining new data governance techniques that integrate within the service-based system scenario and support a smart balancing between the need to know/share and the need to protect data."

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