0600552 - International Seminar M1

Credit hour 1
Total number of hours 18
Number of hours for lectures 18


These seminars are opened to Masters Degree students in their first and second year. They are taught in English, Spanish, Italian and German over a 3 day period (18 hours) in january by Guest-Speakers and visiting Professors from our International partner Universities. These courses are developed in order to reinforce the I.A.E. de Lyon's general policy of internationalisation and to offer more Business and Management courses taught in foreign languages.

Objectives: The International Seminars aim to provide students with an international and cross-cultural approach on in-depth and capstone subjects. A vast range of cross-specialization subjects will be chosen; for example, they may concern issues such as Business Ethics, Conflict resolution, Project Management, Leadership or with a specific focus on a particular geographicial area. Courses are to be interactive, based on class discussions and case studies.

Participants: Each seminar group is to be made up of 20 to 35 students coming from the different Masters Degree programs of I.A.E. de Lyon. International Seminars will gather French and international Master's Degree students (either first Degree education or Professionals in Life-Long learning).


International Seminars taught in 2008: FINANCE

  • International Finance JANSON Nathalie - Rouen School of Management (Italian)
  • Real Estate Finance READ Dustin - University of North Carolina, Charlotte (English)
  • International Financial Management TAUSER Josef - University of Economics, Pragues VSE (English)
  • Economie et marchés financiers de L'Amérique Latine YANEZ Guillermo - UDP Chili (Spanish)


  • Development of the competiveness of the European Labour Market and its Entities (Eastern Europe) BERNAT Tomaz - University of Lodz (Poland) (English)
  • Leadership Communication and Motivation BRINKMAN John Liverpool Hope Business School (English)
  • Joint teach -  Managing Conflict in the Workplace CONBERE John  & HEORHIADI Alla - St Thomas, Minneapolis (English)
  • Contemporary challenges of Human Resources Management: TREMBLAY Diane-Gabrielle - Universite du Quebec, Montreal (English)


  • El Comercio en los Paises Andinos BENNETT Fabiola - EM Lyon (Spanish)
  • International distribution and retailing in Poland and Central Europe DOMANSKI Thomasz - University of Lodz (Poland) (English)
  • Managing Projects and Business Processes in a Global Environment KUMAR Ram - University of North Carolina, Charlotte (English)
  • Introduction to cross-cultural relationship SAVATIER Thierry, TSR Consulting (English)
  • Multilateral Trading System STERBOVA Ludmila - University of Economics, Pragues VSE (English)
  • The Future of Emerging India VIJAY Kapur - Lucknow (India) (English)
  • Gouvernance et innovation dans les chaines de valeur globables - Les sources de la compétitivité internationale de producteurs de pays en voie de développement WALTER Jorge - San Andres, Argentina (Spanish)


  • Retail Marketing (English)
  • The New Commercialization Challenges : A North American View (English)
  • Advanced Marketing Management DEVASHISH DAS GUPTA -  Lucknow (India) (English)
  • Excellence in Customer Service MONTALVO Ruben - Business Consultant (English & Spanish)
  • Future Marketing THOMSON Frederick - University of Kent (Uk) (English)
  • Marketing Management VANDEWALLE Ian - Liverpool Hope Business School (English)
  • Venturing sucessfully in foreign markets: a tool for International stategy and marketing stategy and marketing ZUCCHELLA Antonella - University of Pavia, Italy (English)


  • Geostrategic Analysis of the International Environement BEAUSEJOUR Vincent - Lyon 3 / UQAM (English)
  • Managing Business Innovation : A North American Perspective CLERMONT Paul - UQAM (English)
  • Strategic Management and Corporate Governance in Organisations PUNSHON William - Liverpool Hope Business School (English)
  • Coperative strategies SINKOVICS Rudolf - University of Manchester (English)


  • Leadership with a legal perspective COOK Keith Liverpool Hope Business School (English)
  • Business Ethics COULOMBE Caroline HEC Montreal / EM Lyon (English)
  • Negotiation workshop GUEDJ Thomas avocat specialisé (France + USA) & enseignant dans l'art de la négociation (English)
  • The Consultant's Background RACETTE Philippe - Expert in continuous improvement (English)