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Peer-to-peer Consulting: conférence International MBA

Publié le 20 décembre 2022 Mis à jour le 7 juin 2023

Atelier de co-développement organisée dans le cadre de l’International MBA de l’iaelyon, ouvert aux diplômés de l'IMBA.

“Peer-to-peer Consulting”: To improve your management and leadership skills, learn more about it and experience a live session with your IMBA peers
In the complex world, that we live in today,  where change is exponential, perpetual and pervasive, new forms of leading and managing teams, companies and organizations are crucial. To find relevant answers to today’s economical, ecological, and human challenges, the model of the “leader as hero” is more and more often unadapted and needs to be replaced by the intelligence of the group.

One structured approach to use this collective intelligence is “Peer-to-peer consulting” - a form of consultation that exploits the knowledge and experience of peers, usually conducted with the help of a facilitator.

Join us to learn more about Peer-to-peer consulting and experience with the current and former IMBA participants a live peer-to-peer consulting session (in English or French) with the help of certified facilitators.


  • 2 pm: Welcome of the participants at the iaelyon
  • 2:15 pm: Introduction "Peer-to-peer consulting”
  • 3-5 pm: Live sessions of “peer-to-peer consulting” in subgroups with the help of professional and certified peer-to-peer facilitators
  • 5-6 pm: The IMBA Alumni networking moment

As an IMBA Alumni your participation is free, but an individual registration is mandatory.


Entièrement enseigné en anglais, l'IMBA de l'iaelyon offre aux professionnels une occasion unique d'acquérir et de mettre à jour des connaissances et des techniques managériales dans un contexte favorisant les échanges interculturels.
Programme diplômant organisé à temps partiel pendant 1 an à partir de septembre.
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