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06260246 - Team Management & Leadership

Niveau de diplôme Master - Semestre 4
Crédits ECTS 3
Volume horaire total 21
Volume horaire CM 21




Acquiring knowledge on team management and leadership with both critical and operational perspective.
Therefore, team work is highly valorized in this optional unit in a learning by doing pedagogy.
You will alternate classical knowledge transmission, team works (oral group presentations), live experiences and experience feedbacks.


1. First part

- Understanding the profession of manager: her roles, skills, sources of authority, and her styles according to specific situations and organizations
- Understanding what team management is: collective action, conflict management, supporting individuals, enhancing team work…
- Addressing routine and critical issues of management to better manage and anticipate potential risks, e.g.:
  • Rugby team management and training
  • Remote team building
  • Motivation and team management; motivation and remote work and management
  • Managing a conflict

2. Second part

- Understanding leadership: differences and similarities with management and team management; from authoritarian to servant and fluid leadership (with Mary Parker Follet).
- Providing with a critical vision on leadership: narcissism and toxic leadership; reflexivity and philosopher (with lessons of James March).
- Addressing routine and critical issues of leadership, e.g.:
  • Sharing your vision and inspiring action;
  • Acquiring emotional intelligence;
  • The collapse of sensemaking in a team and how to prevent it
  • Management and leadership in humanitarian context.


  • Managers, not MBAs, Mintzberg
  • On Leadership, March & Weill
  • “Don Quixote's Lessons for Leadership”,
  • Dynamic Administration, The collective papers of Mary Parler Follet, Metcalf & Urwick
  • The Oxford Handbook of Management, Adrian Wilkinson, Steven J. Armstrong, and Michael Lounsbury
  • The practice of management, Peter Drucker
  • Reference authors such as: Kets de Vries (Profession: leader; Leaders, Fools and Imposters;
  • Organizations on the Couch : A Clinical Perspective on Organizational Dynamics », European
  • Management Journal, vol. 22, n° 2, p. 183-200); Blake & Mouton; Blanchard & Hersey; Lewin; Goleman
Reviews such as Harvard Business Review or research journals.

Contrôles des connaissances

  • Written exam, 2H: Reflection on a subject (75%)
  • Group work (25%)


Informations complémentaires

Classical course materials
Group work and oral presentations
Professional experience feedback
Online team building experience