06210683 - Training and professional development

Niveau de diplôme Master - Semestre 3
Crédits ECTS 3
Volume horaire total 21
Volume horaire CM 21


Professional training in France has recently undergone unprecedented regulatory changes.
In a rapidly changing context, human resources management departments need to be aware of the new players in professional training and the impact of recent reforms on the company.
It is essential for human resources management, which is directly linked to the development of skills in companies, to have a good understanding of the challenges and the new perspectives that arise.

Each one should be able :
  • To know the key concepts and methods.
  • To know the challenges of training for the organization and for the employees
  • To know the different actors of training
  • To know the different processes and tools that could be used in training management

Each participant will have :
  • the capacity to develop an efficient strategy and plan for action to manage change and training sessions
  • be able to develop a tool box to create such output in the organizations in which they will work
  • communicate clearly the strategy and method he or she intends to use in the management of change


Session 1 : key concepts

Session 2 :  the actors of professional training

Session 3 : training systems

Session 4 : Career counseling support systems


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Contrôles des connaissances

Final Exam    
Written, 2h

Continuing Examination
Oral presentation, 30 minutes

Informations complémentaires

This training program is composed of a sheduled of activities with training programs, learning objectives but also reflexions about training modalities (elearning, blended learning, serious game, …) and the link between training and other HR missions (GPEC, remuneration,…).

Management background and some knowledge about or current habits on HRM.

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