06210683 - Training and professional development

Crédits ECTS 3
Volume horaire total 21
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Sylvain Martinet


Overall review of the current situation of managers at a time of shifting certainties and of a lack of th actual solutions in France. New prospects to understand the training process and widden it to include change management.

Educating staff is crucial to develop in-house expertise. HRM has to offer many flexible Human Resource Training programs that address business development, human resource issues and empowerment.

Rarely do all managers within a company have equal experience, knowledge, skills and work-styles of best practices in HR policies. Training for the future of work affects three deeply connected dimensions of an organization: Work (the what), Workforce (the who), Workplace (the where).


Introduction : The Goal of Change : Training and Improving An Organization By Altering How Work Is Done

  • Structure, system and roles (example of the French CPF and how it takes to effect sustainable change)
  • Developing a comprehensivetraining program (judicial framework and kwoh how to build such a program)
  • Rethinking blended learning and the future of work
  • The serious business of machine learning and serious games

Conclusion : Workplace Empowerment and Professional Development

Each one should be able to :
  • identify the “major” theories and practice of thoughts concerning training processes
  • know the basic epistemological limits underlying each schools of tought
  • understand what is now his or her present “personal paradigm” and its limits and implications
  • know the different processes and tools that could be used in training management
Each participant will have :
  • the capacity to develop an efficient strategy and plan for action to manage change and training sessions
  • be able to develop a tool box to create such output in the organizations in which they will work
  • communicate clearly the strategy and method he or she intends to use in the management of change


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Case study

Informations complémentaires

This training program is composed of a sheduled of activities with training goals, learning objectives, subject areas, methods (theroy, case studies, press clipping), trainers, trainees, method of assessment ans locations (critical thinking approach on the job method, off the job method, poaching, blended learning, machine learning, serious games …)