African Development Award 2020 : a graduate of iaelyon recognized for his achievement

Published on November 10, 2020 Updated on April 13, 2021
Maxime Hien
Maxime Hien

At the 15th annual African Development Award (Prix africain de développement – PADEV) ceremony on the 11th to the 13th October 2020 in Rwanda, Maxime HIEN, Director-General of FINACOM, was awarded the prize of best manager in the financial sector. A wonderful recognition for the graduate of the class of 2007 of the offshore Master of International Management of iaelyon in Burkina Faso.

The African Development Award recognizes entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders from all over Africa for their contribution to their country, and by extension, the continent. Maxime HIEN, who leads Finance Communautaire (FINACOM), a microfinance institution created in 2009 at the behest of the Evangelical Churches Development Office (ODE) in Burkina Faso, has been named the winner of a PADEV in 2020, in recognition of his management of an organization that promotes an autonomous and financially sustainable network of microfinancing which is creating long-term social effect on its target groups.

FINACOM aims to improve the conditions of life of its customers and clients (both urban and rural) through a profitable and sustainable offer of financial services and products that are both flexible and modern. Their main strategy has focused on the collection of savings and credit distribution, all whilst making sure that its financial products and services are adapted to the necessities of the credit as well as new consumer patterns, in both urban and rural areas.

During his master’s degree, Maxime Hien was also the recipient of the Prix de la Francophonie (from the Association pour les Recherches sur l’Economie Agroalimentaire) for his master’s thesis entitled  "Market research on shea trees in Burkina Faso : the contribution of the Evangelical Churches Development Office in promoting the sector”, under the supervision of Catherine Mercier-Suissa,, associate professor at iaelyon.

We congratulate Maxime Hien for this wonderful achievement.

Learn more about the offshore program- Master Management et Commerce International délocalisé in Burkina Faso (in French)


The African Development Award was created this in 2006 by Fondation 225, an organization that is composed of representatives from twelve African countries. The award is given to both individuals and businesses whose work has contributed to the development of their country and the continent, and is distinguished for its quality and impact in their respective sectors.