Nurturing innovative practices

In order to further strengthen the relevance of its program portfolio, as well as supporting the development of innovative research projects and the collaboration with its socio-economic partners, iaelyon School of Management opens a new facility: the Lab'iaelyon.

The Lab'iaelyon is a brand new technical platform for behavioral analysis specifically dedicated to projects in all areas of management (marketing, finance, human resources, strategy, etc.). Located on the Manufacture campus, the device installed meets the needs of basic video/audio capture (focus groups), and allows synchronization with multiple sources of complementary data such as eye-tracking, physiological analysis or facial expressions.

Use of the LAB’iaelyon

All useful use for Research and pedagogy, support of students or corporate partners with the recording, the measure and analysis of collective or individual behavioral data collection
  • Eye-tracking
  • Physiology
  • Emotions
  • Focus groups

The equipment of the Lab’iaelyon

Arrangement of the stable laboratory
  • 1 room for testing (capacity of 20 people)
  • 1 adjacent room for control (one-way glass, intercom)
  • 1 workstation (2 monitors)

Video and audio recording device:
  • 4 IP-PTZ professional camera (full HD)
  • Audio microphone with professional sound

Eye-tracking system:
  • Tobii Pro Nano

  • Noldus Media Recorder (recording/video synchronization)
  • The Observer XT (integration/synchronisation/data analysis)
  • Tobii ProLab Screen based edition

Projects under consideration:
  • Physiological analysis (BioNomadix-Biopac) of stress measurement / workload (electrodermal conductivity and pulse)
  • Analysis of facial expression (Noldus FaceReader) and measure of the 8 emotional states