Exchange students

Step 1 : Exchange approved by your home university

You have been selected to study one semester or one full year at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and enroll in the DEUF or the SELF programs.

Step 2: Acceptance letter at the Université Jean Moulin

You will receive an acceptance letter from the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3. This letter is crucial to your VISA request, if one is needed.

You will also receive a practical guide to prepare your mobility and arrival which includes the academic calendar, information regarding housing and the assurances you must subscribe for the period of your mobility. 

When will this happen?
  • March, if exchange takes place for the Fall semester
  • End of October if your exchange takes placefor the Spring semester

Step 3:  Registration at University Jean Moulin

You will receive the registration procedure by email in order to complete your personal information on the “Portal Inscription”and get your student card

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