Research Chairs

3 Research Chairs

The Chairs that are being led by researchers at Magellan Research Lab have all been created in consultation with our corporate partners, who are provided an opportunity to work with our researchers and support them in their development and outreach. The Chairs are symbols of expertise in teaching and researching on innovative topics as defined by the needs of the corporate world.

Their main goal is to link top-level research activities with the dissemination of knowledge to students as well as external stakeholders, and providing a forum for exchanging on the innovative ideas and solutions created by our researchers.

Chair on the SME Internationalization

Created in 2017 in partnership with two industrial SMEs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region: Mixel Agitateurs and SLAT.

The internationalization of SMEs and mid-cap companies has become an imperative point of focus for research, including their choice of markets, entry means, rhythms, networking, piloting and factors for success. The team is also connected to several research teams overseas, including in Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Italy and the UK.

► Contact: Noémie Dominguez


Chair on the Value of Cooperative and Mutualist Models

Created in partnership with Crédit Agricole Centre-Est and Jacquet-Brossard.

In the current social and economic climate, from which questions of performance and solidarity are being asked on a worldwide scale, a careful analysis needs to be done on the new ways of operating in and thinking about the market economy.
The cooperative and mutualist business models that more than a billion people in the world participate in has appeared as an incredibly serious and potential alternative to the classic shareholder model.

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► Contacts: Sonia Capelli and William Sabadie

Chair on the Values of Care

Created in partnership with leading healthcare providers such as UCB Pharma, a founding partner.

The Chair aims to reevaluate the question of the value of health care of which the importance has only been partially discovered, often brought back by industrial and economical injunctions. Placing this issue back into the spotlight and analyzing, through a critical approach, the concepts of evaluation, efficiency and the value of healthcare, means understanding precisely the necessity of reinstalling its value into the evaluative methods in order to rethink the validity of the healthcare models.
Since the value cannot be reduced to a price and depends on the values that create the criteria for evaluation, the objective of the Chair is to evaluate the values that define the value, through methods and tools that explain, without betraying, the heart of healthcare: the patient-healthcare provider relationship.

Using an interdisciplinary approach – philosophical, economic, social, political, management – and by placing this relationship at the center of gravity for healthcare, the Chair aims to engage a collective debate about the meaning and value of the plural and experimental dimension in healthcare structures, in a world filled with societal and environmental mutations. It examines the spaces and times of healthcare as a determinative element in this therapeutic relationship, and delves into the applications and interpretations of the principle of recognition, from the perspective of the patient, his close ones, as well as the healthcare provider.  

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► Contact: Didier Vinot