iaelyon international outreach

Internationalization has been at the heart of iaelyon’s strategy and mission for over 30 years with early development of academic partnerships in North America and Europe. Nowadays, the partnerships of the School cover student mobility, double-degrees, offshore programs, internships, research projects and faculty mobility. It should be noted that offshore programs have been implemented with partners in the past decades. Internationalization is embedded in the School’s activities such as advisory boards, corporate relations, programs and research.
The development of the internationalization strategy of iaelyon is to permeate all the main areas of competences of the School and may be highlighted in some key objectives as listed below:

  • Increase the number of international Faculty participating in iaelyon programs, 
  • Further develop double-degree program opportunities in particular through the MIB-EPAS Consortium.
Student International Experience:
  • Enhance the number of short-term experiences to insure a greater percentage of students benefiting from an experience abroad,
  • Increase the number of students taking advantage of double-degree opportunities each year,
  • Continue facilitating the development of internships abroad for students to obtain an international professional experience.
Student Exchange:
  • Intensify the number of students exchanged with partner institutions at all levels of the School.
Offshore programs:
  • Continue developing quality assurance processes with all offshore programs,
  • Encourage the development of DBA programs with carefully identified foreign Higher Education institutions.
Courses in other Languages:  
  • Further develop courses taught in English in all the programs at iaelyon, and in other languages such as German, Italian and Spanish in the frame of the International Week, to help enhance student internationalization and attract more international students.
International Faculty
  • Encourage the recruitment of faculty with a strong focus on international experiences,
  • Foster the participation of iaelyon core faculty in overall international activities in particular teaching abroad experiences and joint Research activities with key partner institutions.
Corporate Linkages:
  • Continue to develop the international career services, in close relations with partners and alumni,
  • Pursue exchanges with key international partner corporate services in order to encourage the exchange of good practices and internship placement of students.
Governance Representation:
  • Carry on the development of the School internationally through its International Advisory Board and participation of its top management in key international organizations.
Alumni Outreach:
  • Continue the development of the iaelyon Alumni international clubs by launching the Asian Club (Guangzhou) and North-American Club (New York or Montreal).
Research Collaboration: 
  • Encourage the development of Research activities with international partners identified as Tier 1 or Tier 2 partners.
  • Enhance the visibility of applied research in international publication outlets and encourage publications of researchers in scientific reviews and participation in international conferences
  • Further develop doctoral mobility with key international partner institutions.

Key figures

  • 155 international partners
  • More than 50 countries represented
  • 2,300 international students
  • 95 Visiting Professors each year at iaelyon to teach and participate in international workshop and seminars
  • Over 60 Graduate international seminars taught in English/German/Italian/Spanish during the iaelyon International Week
  • 7 double-degree programs: VSE Prague (Czech Republic), Tamkang University (Taiwan), Bamberg University (Germany), Eberhard Karls Universität (Germany) Turin University (Italy), Pavia University (Italy), , University of the Basque Country (Spain)
  • 12 offshore programs taught in 15 countries


Ms. Mathilde DESPLANS
International Activities Manager
+33 (0)4 78 78 72 86