Word from the Dean


A socially committed School of Management with strong added value, iaelyon School of Management is committed to create common values with its partners, settled all along the territory of the metropolitan area of Lyon and opened to its ecosystem.

Our ambitions include a few clear and founding principles:

  • A school with a clear and recognized positioning
  • A school centered around the women and men who constitute it.
  • A school focusing on experience and innovation assembled for the research, a crucial component of its outreach.
  • A school which is inclusive and committed to the challenges of our times

Through these principles we aim to make our school grow and distinguish it for its own specificities the most important of which is to inspire.

To inspire to be an intrapreneur in a world where the individual action is determinant in the construction of the career path and where it is fundamental to learn how to overcome the fear of failure by acquiring skills of resilience.

To inspire each student to release their energy, to extend their skills and to adapt to the needs of the business environment.

To inspire internal actors, partners and alumni to commit to a path which rallies ambition and realism for the greater benefit of our students.

Marie-Christine Chalus
Dean, iaelyon School of Management
Université Jean Moulin