Word from the Dean

The undisputable reference for Management Research and Education within the University of Lyon

Choosing iaelyon School of Management is choosing to join a regionally recognized School, a School which is firmly anchored at the heart of a dynamic University with an international focus and oriented towards innovation for the benefit of professional integration. 

Christian Varinard, Dean of iaelyon School of Management
For over sixty years, the history of iaelyon has been shaped by the constantly renewed willingness to turn its students into the protagonists of Management Education, combining academic excellence and professional pragmatism. Our duty is to educate tomorrow’s managers and entrepreneurs with strong expertise and knowledge in Business that enables them to understand the challenges of a complex and ever changing corporate environment.

Our main asset is our rich, increasingly internationalized program portfolio which we developed in close cooperation with our business and academic partners and which is nurtured by the research activities of our iaelyon Magellan Center.

This portfolio is strongly influenced by diversity : diversity of student profiles, diversity of teaching procedures (initial education, work-study programs, executive education) or diversity of pathways with a particular focus on double skill curricula. 

The whole iaelyon community (students, administrative and academic teams, socio-economic and institutional partners) commit every day to building the common rallying project of a rationally developed School based on the essential values of humanism, equal opportunities and merit.