Corporate Social Responsibility at iaelyon: a 360° commitment

With a historical culture of socially open and responsible organization, aware of its impacts on its ecosystem, the CSR is a permanent and sustainable commitment for iaelyon, 1st public actor in management education and research in the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region.

iaelyon integrates the extent of corporate social responsibilities in all of its teaching and research activities, and in its links with stakeholders: students and alumni, teaching and administrative staff, businesses and organizations, links to the territory, to the environment and to the civil society.

Institutional commitment
  • Membership to PRME and UN Global Compact since 2013:
    The activities reports written by the school show a collective commitment to integrate the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all its activities.
    > Sustainability Report, 2022
  • The CSR Steering Board implemented in 2019 helps define positioning and measure actions deployed by the school in all its fields of activity.
  • To draw inspiration from innovative practices beyond borders, the International CSR Network, created in 2016, brings together the school's international partners every year at iaelyon.
  • A Charter of societal responsibility and commitments of iaelyon community members (approved by the iaelyon Board of February 26, 2015)
  • A Charter of respect and kindness, adopted in 2023
  • Services certifications and international accreditations processes which reflect the school’s social commitments: Qualicert (since 2013), Qualiopi (since 2022), EFMD Program Accreditation (since 2008).
  • Quality of life at school: a strategic line
    • A process co-developed with students and launched in 2021to reinforce the integration of new students, boost collective projects around shared values and promote the alumni network and its collaboration with the students.
    • Appointment of a QWL manager and process Great Place to Work® in 2021
    • Appointment of a disability liaison officer in 2020
  • An Ecological Transition Manager has been appointed within the management team, as well as an ecological transition referent within the school administrative team (since September 2023).
Teaching and pedagogy

iaelyon’s purpose is to educate curious and open-minded students who will become professionals able to contribute to the sustainable prosperity of organizations, on their territories and internationally.
iaelyon promotes republican values such as equal opportunities, upward mobility, public services, and commits to cultivating talents while respecting diversity.

  • Social diversity: 18% of Bachelor students receive a social grant
  • Quality content to educate responsible managers

Beyond its specific diplomas (Master 2 Socioeconomic Responsibility of organizations, Quality of life in the workplace and health degree…), CSR nurtures every program thanks to cross-disciplinary or business-oriented courses.

  • The Association and Management Volunteer course (BMA): 30,000 hours completed by 1st year students for the region

Designed to promote the youth volunteer work, the BMA course is for all 1st year Bachelor students. Launched in 2014, this initiative is fully in line with the civic and societal mission carried by iaelyon school of management.
It has been extended in 2021 to the DU Passerelle – Students in exile carried by the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

  • A professionalization period in every program, to facilitate professional integration: 1,200 students in co-op studies and more than 2000 internships each year. Around 90% of graduates find a job within 6 months after graduating.

iaelyon and its Magellan Research Center contribute to spread knowledge from research activities, in order to innovate and respond to organizations issues and therefor, have an impact on society. In addition to publications, case studies, seminars and CSR symposiums, researchers and PhD students develop group projects in partnership with the socioeconomic world:

  • International research project
    • Merging, Integration for migrants” (Project Horizon 2020 – European Union – 2021). International & interdisciplinary study on migrant integration through participatory housing initiatives
    • Network of female business angels and entrepreneurship : specificities and economic, social and societal impacts of the region : an international comparison between Lyon, Montreal and Turin. (Project Pack Ambition International – Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – 2019)
  • Research Chairs
    • Enhancement of Cooperative and Mutual Models, in partnership with Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires, Crédit Agricole Centre-Est et Jacquet-Brossard. At a time of major societal and economic challenges, when questions of performance and solidarity are being asked on a global scale, it is necessary to reflect in depth on new ways of doing and thinking the market economy.
    • Value of careThe main objective of this chair is to grasp the measure of the care relationship’s value. It proposes a double disciplinary focus, in philosophy and management.
    • Project for the creation of the Chair in Risk Prevention (Bourgeon Project - Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University - 2022). This project aims to finance the first steps for the creation of a Chair, dedicated to the research in Risk Safety and Management with a transdisciplinary approach.
Corporate Relations

At the heart of our students’ future, companies support professionalization and educational innovation. The many collaborations between the socioeconomic world and iaelyon show a shared will to answer societal stakes.

  • Educational collaborations: business cases linked with societal concerns
    Panafrica (ethical shoes), for example, entrusted a real case study to the Master Management and International Trades students: how to reconcile societal commitment and international development?
    Or with Gallia Laboratory with bachelor students: Bringing a brand closer to its customers by making a social commitment.
  • Conferences
    A place for thinking and debates, iaelyon welcomes through its programs or special events a wide diversity of speakers, in order to change managerial practices. Thus, in 2022 Olivier de la Clergerie spoke about “The LDLC model: agility and social issues!” and Unirh-Thransaition taught for Master students in their Ethic and managerial responsibility about “Non-discrimination and disability, all involved!”.
  • Guidance and occupational integration
    • Professionals come voluntarily all year long to present their jobs, share their experiences and guide the students in their career path.
    • iaelyon takes part in DuoDay, and confirms its commitment to diversity and inclusion by offering its disabled students the possibility to spend a day within one of its partners companies (Renault Trucks, CIC Lyonnaise Banque, Accenture, Nature et Découvertes …)
Student life and Alumni

To meet the environmental, social and organizational challenges of our world, students are invited to experience volunteer work, international openness and the quality of life together. And because, learning is also discovering, volunteer work, individual cultural, sport and social projects are funded and recognize within the diplomas.

  • Committed student organizations, such as Objectif GSR (food donations, green products manufacturing), Les Maisons de l’iaelyon (integrate and guide students), iaelyon Junior Conseil (organization of TEDx Lyon3)
  • Sustainable entrepreneurs, for example students selected by the Incubateur Manufactory or the organization ENACTUS (social entrepreneurship).
  • An alumni network connected with students: club QSE-RSE, solidary initiatives, buddy programs…