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iaelyon is one of the largest French University-based School of Management.  iaelyon offers its 8,000 first-degree education and executive education students practically-orientated programs in the field of management. 
It educates them for a variety of management positions. 165 faculty staff members along with over 700 practitioners prepare them for their responsible roles as decision-makers able to cope with business realities. 

iaelyon offers an attractive Bachelor’s-Master’s-Ph.D.-DBA Program Portfolio in a multi-cultural and international setting and is supported by a network of highly involved companies. The rich diversity of iaelyon program portfolio enables each student to find a program suited to his or her professional project and therefore to realize his or her potential.

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Getting started

Prepare your stay with us : estimated cost of living in Lyon

From 350 euros to 650 euros depending on the residence/flat you chose

Around 30 euros per month for a mobile plan and an internet connection


Around 30 euros per month for utilities

35 euros per month for illimited access to subway, tramway and buses

For the French Social Security giving you access to medical care you will have to pay 215 euros/ year

Around 200 euros per month. Several restaurants and snacks are located on and nearby the campus.