Current students

Important dates

Beginning of lectures and TDs : 2017/2018 Spring semester
  • Bachelor’s in Management & global business
    Lectures : From January 8 to March 19  Tutorials: From January 8 to March 31
  • Bachelor’s in Management
    Lectures : From January 8 to April 7  Tutorials: From January 15 to March 3
  • Bachelor’s in Management Humanities and Social Sciences;  Bachelor’s in Quantitative Techniques and Management 
    Lectures from January 08 to April  7 Tutorials : From January 22 to April
  • Master's
    Beginning of lectures and tutorials : January 3

  • Dedicated staff helping students settle in and assisting them throughout their stay
  • Career & internship servicessupporting students to mature their professional projects and enhance their employability
  • The "jeunes ambassadeurs" program enabling graduate foreign students to meet major institutional and business leaders and form a team with their “economic coach”, a manager or a company executive
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