Strategy and governance

A three-fold objective

iaelyon performs its roles and missions as a School of Management within a University and a territory with a three-fold objective

  •  Leading students towards optimized professional integration;
  • Helping companies and organisations grow;
  • Contributing to knowledge development in Business Science through its study and research activities. iaelyon is pursuing the implementation of a development model permanently integrating its research, education and business practice activities and using a management approach in dialogue with Humanities.
iaelyon places partner relationship and attentiveness to stakeholders’ needs and potentials at the heart of its missions. It is sensitive to economic and financial impacts in its region and to the societal and image impacts generated by its activities.

The School’s governance is adapted to its missions and brings together national and international representatives from the academic and socio-economic world in its various bodies.

iaelyon is a member of IAE FRANCE network and its Dean participates in IAE FRANCE network iae members Deans’meetings.