The International Advisory Board - iaelyon

iaelyon International Advisory Board was established in January 2012. This body acts as an external Advisory council with an international dimension. It provides analyses and advice to the Dean of iaelyon and aims to assist him in conducting the development of his strategy.

Made up of personalities with recognized expertise, it has representatives of the academic, business and territory community reflect together on iaelyon development and the impact of its activities on the academic and the socio-economic worlds. Discussions at the International Advisory Board are conducted in a very open spirit, each participant speaking individually and not on behalf of his/her organization, in a spirit of complete intellectual freedom. iaelyon International Advisory Board meets twice a year.
The Advisory Board follows a practice which originated in English-speaking countries and is common in numerous schools and institutions which use it as a tool for providing a complementary perspective. The Advisory Board’s advice and the results of works carried out in support feed into iaelyon Board’s debates and recommendations as well as into internal discussions.