Research Activities at iaelyon

The core of iaelyon

Optimizing managerial practices, innovative processes, organizational methodology…research in management sciences adds depth and value to businesses. iaelyon is committed to delivering innovative, insightful and inspiring research that address the major issues that the business and socio-economic world are facing. The Magellan Research Center is responsible for coordinating and developing research projects in the field of management science, as well as promote the work carried out by the researchers and doctoral students of iaelyon. A lot of the work of iaelyon is also carried out in cooperation with socio-economic and corporate partners, on a local, regional, national and international level, and aims at providing innovating solutions to issues at stake and contributing to the development of businesses and organizations in ever-competing industries. Research at iaelyon has developed significantly over the past 5 years with a rapidly developing research culture and associated increase in quality research output. The research development has been significantly enhanced by the continuing recruitment of high-caliber faculty, including a number of world-class researchers that has enabled the School to make further substantial progress in strengthening its research output along with further developing, and monitoring, the practical relevance and impact of its work.

Key figures

  • 58 core faculty at the Magellan Research Center
  • 24 Research-supervisors 
  • 65 Ph.D. students
  • 6 disciplinary Research teams
  • 4 cross-disciplinary Research groups

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge and research

The research work attached to Magellan is regularly published in top-ranked scientific and professional journals and books, and presented in international symposiums, conferences and lectures. The research activities and creation of knowledge guarantees the quality of an iaelyon education, by benefiting, innovating and redefining competencies and skills. The fact that our faculty and researchers are attending symposiums, congresses, conferences and study days brings them to question other approaches, redefine their research, create new partnerships and develop new educational material. One of the aims of Magellan is to increase the number of publications in English in order to draw attention to the innovation promoted by Magellan, and bring visibility to the school’s potential in general. The Magellan Research Center also regularly holds several scientific events bringing together experts around questions related to business managerial practices.

Connecting research and the community

In management sciences, the link with the business world is essential. Any thesis that enters this field inevitably goes beyond any theoretical approach and includes practical, applicable and hands-on solutions for the management of businesses and organizations. Management research, and in particular applied research for businesses, is a key pillar of the strategy for iaelyon. In keeping with the mission and traditions of iaelyon, our work has always had an emphasis on field- and evidence-based research, with the impacts and output of this research being measured in the BSIS (Business School Impact System). This has always been a strong point of iaelyon for decades, with a specific impact and focus on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and the goal is gain greater visibility and impact to our research. The network of the cooperate partners of iaelyon, as well as its alumni, is key to developing research with concrete solutions which address the needs of businesses. Field-based research allows the researchers to test solutions with the practices of the business, as well as improve the quality of our executive education, where participants are looking to open new lines of enquiry that will lead to in-depth and out-of-the-box thinking, and a specific knowledge of tangible and operational tools.
  • Research groups are often carrying out work in large companies as well as SMEs
  • Research and study contracts are created for socio-economic actors and partners
  • Doctoral programs are often financed by CIFRE (industry-based training and research) contracts
  • Research chairs are often asked to work with partner companies

Connecting Research and Education

iaelyon has defined a long-term innovative pedagogy & TEL strategy that aims at encouraging teachers progressively to integrate technologies and innovative pedagogical methods in their courses. It has the objectives of further developing new pedagogic delivery modes to enhance the student learning experience matching the needs of its different targets whether pre-experience, post-experience programs or executive education, particularly in a context of lifelong learning. In support of the strategy, the Dean has appointed a TEL project manager in 2012 and a Special Advisor for Teaching Innovations & Cooperations in early 2016. Some of the learning initiatives that have been developed at iaelyon include:
  • MOOCs, including videos, serious games and virtual guided tours of companies (including the regional steel industry) which are integrated into curricula, as well as online course materials
  • A TEL workshop (delivered during iaelyon International Week) which aims to share the best practices amongst visiting faculty
  • Online case studies which are created in cooperation with local and regional businesses, that aim to internationalize the company in Europe and the world. iaelyon has regularly received the “Top Institution” award from the CCMP- Center for Pedagogical Cases and Media which rewards the School for its new most widely disseminated cases.
  • Innovative executive education programs such as the “Hackathon” which allowed external academic experts, faculty, corporate representatives, students and alumni to provide constructive feedback on work
  •  A thriving relationship with the University of Lyon Entrepreneurship Center, on the biggest poles of entrepreneurship in France


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