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Publication : Femmes et gouvernance: quels enjeux? (Women and leadership: what is at stake) by Marie-Christine Chalus, iaelyon

Published on October 2, 2023 Updated on October 31, 2023

In spite of notable progress, women continue to face innumerous obstacles to reach leadership and decision-making positions. The publication introduces all the challenges women encounter and examines the roles they play and must play when it comes to the decision-making process, highlighting the importance of women’s presence in management teams for equity, sustainability and development to be taking more into consideration. Several researchers from iaelyon and participants of the Executive DBA contributed to the work.

Women, actors of change, entrepreneurs, leaders and decision-makers, provide endless competencies, experiences and points of view which are unique, enriching and helpful to the decision-making processes. This academic work illustrates how a bigger representation of women results in decisions which are more complete and more inclusive as well as more considerate of the diversity of our societies. 

In addition to sharing academic theories and personnel testimonies, the publication explores domains that are less discussed but are still relevant, such as the access to funding for women who are entrepreneurs and the impact of the socioeconomics culture in women’s participation.

In Femmes et gouvernance, the writers not only identify the problems, they also emphasize the progress and suggest courses of actions in order to accelerate the participation of women in decision-making processes. They also aim to contribute to the transformation of our social, economical and political structures, towards a more equitable and inclusive world. 

Femmes et gouvernance gathers contributions from participants of the international conference “Women and Governance”, testimonies of women who have participated in the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (Business Science Institute – iaelyon) as well as contributions from associations. This book is rich in perspectives since they are diverse and include varied personal experiences.

Publication directed by Marie-Christine Chalus with the contribution of  :

Carol AEBI, Anne-Françoise BENDER, Kirsten BURKHARDTBOURGEOIS, Eunice CASCANT, Marie-Christine CHALUS, Céline CHEVAL-CALVEL, Laurence COHEN, Bénédicte DOERFLINGER, Samar EL MJIYAD, Pauline GIBARD, Corinne HARDY, Hélène KAMDEM KAMGNO, Aïssé KEITA, Mohamed KHENISSI, Mariem LIOUAEDDINE, Fouad MACHROUH, Viviane MONTEIRO, Abir MOUKADDEM-ENDER, Faïrouz NAJI, Wafae Nada NEJJAR, Aïchatou Habibou OUMANI, Anne-Sophie PANSERI, Nathalie PILHES, Seydou SANE, Ndèye Faty SARR, Zoubaïda SKALLI, Bartiche SOUAD, Laurence Leung TACK, Fadoua TAHARI, Khalifa Ababacar, THIANBOUM, Sabrina VON NESSEN, Hou XIAOHONG et Astadjam YAOUBA.

Editions EMS, September 2023, 392 pages

More about Marie-Christine CHALUS

Marie-Christine Chalus-Sauvannet Marie-Christine Chalus has been Dean of iaelyon since September 2023.
Full professor in strategy, specialized in entrepreneurship and foresight strategy, she has supported and advised company directors for more than 20 years now.

At iaelyon she is also the founder and coordinator of the Research team Entrepreneuriat - CREATE.

Marie-Christine Chalus has also been the president of the Société d’économie politique et sociale de Lyon - Society for political and social economy of Lyon (SEPL), founded in 1866. The SEPL is highly involved in research and analysis of foresight socioeconomics in the aim of contributing to the critical thinking of decision-makers.