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Awards and international projects

Published on July 6, 2022 Updated on July 13, 2022

Every year, around 50 iaelyon professors attend colloquiums around the world to present their work on Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Strategy, Information System and Socio-Economic Management, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.


This year, 10 iaelyon professors had been awarded for their contribution in different research fields:

International projects

MERGING - Integration for Migrants

The research project MERGING - Integration for migrants, led by Catherine Mercier-Suissa et Noémie Dominguez, researchers at iaelyon, obtained a 3 million Euros funding over 3 years, with Horizon 2020, a European funding mechanism for research projects. Of the 58 projects that were submitted for the H2020 Migration in the European Union call for tenders, only 3 projects were successful, and only 1 French project. The project was officially launched on January 14th, 2021.
The research project MERGING aims above all to examine existing integration policies and initiatives on the European, regional and local level, but also the individual practices in which housing plays an important role. 

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Jean- François Gajewski and his research team won for the first time an ARN call for proposal. The research project, REMOTAUDIT is the result of a long-standing international collaboration with Canada and was selected by the Scientific Evaluation Committee “Innovation, work”. The research project began in April 2022 and will last four years.
This project has 2 aims:
Compare the quality of work in telework and face-to-face in the financial audit sector
- Use Nudges to maintain or even improve the quality of teleworking

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