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Publication: Management of Human Resources 2023-2024, by Chloé GUILLOT-SOULEZ

Published on September 14, 2023 Updated on September 14, 2023
La Gestion des ressources humaines, Chloe Guillot-Soulez, iaelyon
La Gestion des ressources humaines, Chloe Guillot-Soulez, iaelyon

The book synthesizes and clearly pictures the most important knowledges of Human Resources Management (HRM). The author introduces he duty of Human Resources in both strategic and operational dimensions as well as its induvial and collective aspects.

16th édition

The following themes are successively mentioned: the concept of HRM, the recruitment; the management of careers; the development; the executive education and trainings; the Forward- looking management of jobs and skills the remuneration; the work time; the professional risks; the social relationships; leaving the company; the challenges of HRM. 

The description of all this fundamental information is illustrated by innumerous examples which allows the reader the opportunity to discover the Human Resources management and to comprehend all of its importance. 

  • The information is presented clearly 
  • Several examples and corrected exercises 
  • It completes one of the previous publications Corrected Exercises of HRM

Gualino - Lextenso Edition, coll. Les Zoom's, 16e édition, août 2023, 288 p.

About the author 

Chloé Guillot-Soulez, former student of ENS Cachan, is an Assistant Professor in economy and management. She teaches Human Resources Management at iaelyon – Université Jean Moulin as an Associate professor. She is also the Program Director of the second year of the cooperative Master of Human Resource Management.

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