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Humans at the heart of value creation - ISEOR 2022 Fall Symposium

Published on October 11, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2022

35th international fall symposium of ISEOR, coordinated by Véronique Zardet, socio-economic management research group, Magellan Research Center - iaelyon. This symposium is a place of discussion for business players: heads, managers, experts and consultants who share their experiences on management and governance.

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These 2 days aim to better understand the evolution and the difficulties faced by companies and organizations, specifically SMEs.
Currently, with the economic and social turbulence, they are many impacts on the evolution of work. Companies and organizations, specifically SMEs, need to develop new skills in order to consolidate their long-term survival and development. It is by stimulating the human potential that SMEs' managers will create sustainable socio-economic value.
This symposium will also highlight the needs of public authorities, elected officials, companies and organizations and the territory's stakeholders. It will help measure more precisely what the intangible investments of an SME generate in terms of development on a territory.

Nearly 300 people are expected, a dozen representatives of the joint bodies of Opco EP, about fifteen managers and employees of VSEs and twenty business leaders, managers, executives and employees of companies and national and international organizations, from diferent sectors. They whill share their achievements and difficulties related to the socio-economic management of human potential.
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