iaelyon Board

In accordance with its status as internal School, iaelyon is governed by a Board. Since June 2015, iaelyon’s Board has been chaired by Pascal Ronzière, Director of local external affairs France at Sanofi.
iaelyon Board is made up of 29 elected and appointed members:  

  • Elected members represent academic and administrative teams and students.
  • Outside personalities, appointed members, represent the socio-economic world: the city of Lyon, the General Council, the Regional Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon, Lyon-Rhône Employers Association (MEDEF), the Regional Association of Rhône-Alpes Chartered Accountants.

The Board has regularly been chaired by leading figures of the regional socio-economic world, a sure sign of iaelyon’s visibility and recognition by the economic world. 
One may mention Alain Mérieux, President of BioMerieux, Chairman of iaelyon from 1992 to 1995, Alain Godard, President of Aventis Crop Science, Chairman of iaelyon from 1995 to 1998 ; Hervé Laurent, Founder of Deloitte, Chairman of iaelyon from 1998 to 2002; Gilles Vicard, President of Neptune Technologies, Chairman of iaelyon from 2002 to 2008 ; Roger Monnami, President and Founder of the Sonepar Group, Chairman of iaelyon from 2008 to 2009, Xavier Riescher, CEO of the Panzani Group, Chairman of iaelyon from 2009 to 2012 and Bruno Rousset, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the April Group and Chief Executive Officer of the Evolem Group from 2012 to 2015, Thierry Fayette, Senior Vice-President Human Resources, Renault Trucks SAS from 2015 to 2018.

Role of the Board:

The Board exercises administrative, financial, educational and scientific powers with regard to iaelyon, within the framework of University Jean Moulin policy and in compliance with the regulations in force in Higher Education and Research. It may use committees’ analyses and opinions to make choices and it sets the strategic directions. 

Membership of iaelyon Board


M.Pascal Ronzière, Director of local external affairs France at Sanofi.(elected June 28, 2018)
Chairman of the Board

M.Christian VARINARD
Dean of iaelyon

Elected members

(elections on January, 30. 2018)

  • M. Marc BONNET, Full Professor
  • M. Olivier BRUNEL, Associate Professor
  • M. Jean-Jack CEGARRA, Full Professor
  • Mme Chirine GHEDIRA GUEGAN, Full Professor
  • Mme Nathalie KRIEF, Associate Professor
  • M. Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY, Full Professor
  • Mme Pascale LEVET CAMILLI,  Adjunct Professor
  • Mme Corinne MONTOYA, PRAG
  • M. Anass NIDAM, Associate Professor
  • M. Christian VARINARD, Associate Professor
(elections on January, 30. 2018)
  • M. Rachid SALMI
  • M. Dany RAJON
(elections on November, 2017) 
  • Louis ALLIOD (Second year of Bachelor's in Quantitative Techniques and Management) - La Fédé Lyon 3   
  • Alexiane BURNEL (1st year of DCG Program - UNI
  • Gaëlle DUFFES (First year of Master's in Management- Team and Quality Management) - La Fédé Lyon 3
  • Thibault DUFFNER (First year of Master's in Information Systems) -  UNI
  • Justine JACQUET (First year of Master's in Management with a field based approach -  Territorial Management) - La Fédé Lyon 3
  • Jean-Arnaud NIEPCERON (2nd year of Bachelor's in Management) - UNI
  • Marc Alex PARRET (First year of Master's in Accountancy, Controlling and Auditing) - La Fédé Lyon 3
  • Vincent ROUSSELLE (3rd year of Bachelor's - Management & Global Business) - La Fédé Lyon 3

Appointed members: outside personalities

Regional Association of Rhône-Alpes Chartered Accountants: M. Patrick VELAY, Chartered Accountant

Lyon-Rhône Employers Association (MEDEF) : Mr Jérôme RAILLARD, Chaiman, POLYTRAMES

Regional Council : Appointment pending

City of Lyon : Guy CORRAZOL, Adjunct Mayor, Education, Student Life, Success and promotion of higher education

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon : Mr Nicolas FERRER

C.G.C. - CFE : Mr Noël JUQUEL

iaelyon : Mr. François CORTEEL

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