Business case Miyoshi Europe - IMBA "treats you right" too !

Published on September 9, 2020 Updated on May 28, 2021
 Business case Miyoshi Europe IMBA treats you right too !
Business case Miyoshi Europe IMBA treats you right too !

As a part of their last business case, the Class of 2020 for the International MBA has had the pleasure of working on an internationalization strategy for Miyoshi Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese group Miyoshi Kasei.

27 June 2020 – to your screens !

As a Japanese family-owned company created in 1979 which specializes in surface treatment to mineral pigments and powders which can be used for the cosmetic industry, Miyoshi works tirelessly for all of its clients around the world. Around 250 people who work for the company are all led by the same values of the business: Good faith and Dignity. This phrase is so much the backbone installed by its founder Riota Miyoshi, that, just like a spine in a human body, unites each entity and worker of the company, despite independent strategies, and transposes itself into the commercial slogan “Treating you right”, which echoes the heart of the work of the company.

Having previously installed its production sites across Japan, the United States and most recently in China, the group has crossed over into Europe in 2003 with an implantation on the outskirts of Lyon. Apart from a few historical partnerships with certain markets such as the Italian market, Miyoshi Europe is a new competitor on certain markets outside of France and is looking to grow its potential across the EMEA zone. Such is the challenge that was presented to the 14 participants of the International MBA which have were and are perfectly capable of rising to the occasion, despite the complexity of a B2B activity which a certain level of technicity, markets where information is not necessarily easy to find and validate, as well as the exceptional working conditions that were installed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Business case IMBA team 2019-2020
Business case IMBA team | 2019-2020

Six, intensive weeks of work later, through analyzing the risks and opportunities, the economic and cultural contexts, as well as potential partners that could help penetrate both of the target markets of the commercial development team, the experts of the International MBA delivered their recommendations to the directors of Miyoshi Europe under the guidance of Silvia Didier, specialist in internationalization of businesses and coach of the IMBA team. The presentation, which took place by distance, was perfectly orchestrated by the teams of consultants who focused on two separate markets and whose conclusions went above and beyond the expectations of the directors.

You have perfectly understood the values of the Miyoshi group as well as the objectives that we have made ourselves in regards to the markets that we wish to enter. Your analysis of the markets is great and you have given us concrete and interesting recommendations that will be very useful to us. This collaboration was definitely a great experience for us as well. Nicolas Blanchon, Director of Commercial Development

Nicolas Blanchon, Director of Commercial Development

I wish to thank the IMBA team for the remarkable work that you have done in such little time, and in particularly difficult conditions. Your analyses will lead us new paths, and to new prospects. Your work is a stepping stone in the direction of these new markets to which we aim.

Stéphane Nicolas, President of Miyoshi Europe.

"This cooperation between a foreign company that has been implanted in France and our experts that come from various different cultural backgrounds is quite unique in the history of the business cases for the International MBA. I have really appreciated the way in which the consultants maintained their commitments despite the difficult context that we experienced during the confinement. I can attest to the fact that you have lived up to your values and expectations, and in such a manner that it must be underlined." said Silvia DIDIER 

The virtual aspect of the experience did nothing to harm the quality of the human side to the business case, with relationships that were formed over the past 6 weeks. Everyone expressed an interest in keeping in touch and following the development of Miyoshi Europe in their application of the recommendations. A meeting has been set up in September, if the circumstances allow, for a physical meeting between the 14 experts, their coach and the teams of Miyoshi Europe. To be continued!

iaelyon would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the teams of Miyoshi Europe, in particular Stéphane Nicolas and Nicolas Blanchon, for their collaboration and availability.

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