“Challenge de l’idée” 2020 : a student from iaelyon named as winner

Published on September 9, 2020 Updated on April 13, 2021
Challenge de l’idée 2020 : un étudiant de l’iaelyon lauréat
Challenge de l’idée 2020 : un étudiant de l’iaelyon lauréat

Théo Mandalas, second-year student in the Master of Management, Consulting and Change, is one of the six winners of the Challenge de l’idée (Idea Challenge), organized by Beelys and open to all students in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

This free competition allows students to propose ideas, transform their ideas into projects or test their already constructed project with students and creative professionals. The competition was developed by Beelys, the PEPITE (Pole for Student Innovation, Skill Transfer and Entrepreneurship) of the University of Lyon, who specializes in accompanying young entrepreneurs.

The 5th Prize for BGÖNE, or selling antipollution masks via vending machines

Théo has been awarded for his idea which is broken down into three main axes :
  • The fight against the consequences of air pollution by making antipollution masks accessible across the city via vending machines.
  • Informing and mobilizing the residents of city on the dangers of air pollution, through original and engaging communication
  • Investing a part of the revenue from each mask into local environmental projects
Already a finalist of the J'M Entreprendre 2020 competition, Théo now wants to expand and grow his idea to a larger audience :

What led me to participating in the Challenge de l’idée was the idea of a fantastic opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial skills, expand my network and improve the concept of an antipollution mask.

Discover the 6 winners

1st prize : JOKKO
Application for hiring outdoor games thanks to connected locker
Perrier Mathilda (Université Lyon 2)

2nd prize : Les Décartonnés
Delivery and take away sale of zero-waste pizzas
Barbaud Nina (Université Jean Moulin – Licence 3 Géographie et Aménagement)

3rd prize : Pénich'art
A barge which will place art where you wouldn’t expect it
Audigane Louna (Université Lyon 2)

4th prize : Root
Smartphone app for exchanging plant cuttings in Lyon
Coudrette Lorène (Université Lyon 2)

5th prize: BGÖNE
Selling of antipollution masks via vending machines
Mandalas Théo (iaelyon - Master 2 Management, Conseil et Changement)

6th prize : A toi de jouer !
Educative workshop for creating toys with recycled materials
Mattei Alexis (Université Lyon 2)

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