Grand Prix of La Finance Pour Tous 2021 recognizes a student of the Master of Finance

Published on June 9, 2021 Updated on June 9, 2021
Grand Prix de la Finance Pour Tous 2021
Grand Prix de la Finance Pour Tous 2021

Tom Goncalves has been awarded 3rd place in the 7th Grand Prix of La Finance pour Tous, organized by the lnstitut pour l’éducation financière du public (Institute for Financial Education for All), for which the theme for 2021 was “finance and transformations post-COVID-19”. The theme led to the creation of videos, comics, games, articles, infographics or magazines. The 40 participants - all students – played to their imagination to propose an original learning idea.

Tom The Grand Prix, for which the results were made public on the 31st May , is designed for rewarding the most original learning materials created by students related to economics and finance. An interesting part of the competition is that jury meets without knowing who the candidates are, what gender they are, where they live or their education background.

Could sustainable finance help us to resolve the largest issues of the 21st century?

This was the question that was asked in the video created by Tom Goncalves, student in the Master of Finance, who won 3rd place and a prize of 1000€.

"There were two things that I liked in this competition: the first, above all the learning aspect and the willingness to popularize finance and make it accessible to the most amount of people possible because I think that is important for any and everyone to have a minimum of understanding in finance if not just to better understand the world in which we live and know how it works. That is exactly the ambition of La Finance pour Tous. 
Secondly, it was the ability to debunk a common misconception which is that finance and environment are incompatible. It’s just the opposite – I think that the finance world has the opportunity to be one of the major actors in the fight against climate change. That’s what I wanted to put in my video."

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