GreenPunch – 2nd Edition : rise to the environmental challenge !

Published on February 16, 2021 Updated on April 13, 2021

In November, sixteen teams from iaelyon answered the call of GreenPunch, an ecology-themed competition, both fun and useful for the planet, but above all, a large, collective action. Four months later, iaelyon, who continues to be proud of its social engagement and environmentally-conscious behavior, invites its associates – students, teachers, administrative staff – to enter into the competition!

GreenPunch  is an initiative developed by Victor Fontaine, a graduate of the IAE FRANCE network, after having spent nine months in New Zealand where he met with actors working in sustainability. Upon returning to France, he has launched a collective group, GreenPunch, which aims to getting as many people as he can to start thinking responsibly about the environment at their own level, by promoting brands that innovated and create ecofriendly products and services.

The principle : 12 days to complete as many challenges as you can !

Moving around by bike, eating vegetarian, reducing waste…by yourself or as a team. Every challenge means winning points for a competition and for the planet ; a leaderboard system will allow each business to follow its rank at any moment and a gauge will indicate the CO2 and water that has been saved collectively. 

The prize? A collective impact on the health of our planet, on our health, a personal satisfaction or a successful team effort…as well as a few eco-friendly prizes, of course!

Ready to meet the challenge ? Sign up from the 10th February, and on the 15th March, on your marks, get set, go !

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