La Tribune - Forum on Health and Innovation: iaelyon partner of the 2021 edition

Published on April 12, 2021 Updated on April 29, 2021
Forum Santé Innovation La Tribune 2021
Forum Santé Innovation La Tribune 2021

COVID-19 has created a paradigm shift in businesses across France and the world, with companies adapting (if not mutating) their internal structures. Today, more than ever, the public and private sectors are coming together to overcome this challenge and tackle the immediate economic issues, identify long-term solutions and prepare for the aftermath of the crisis. La Tribune, a French financial newspaper, has organized the third edition of their Forum Santé Innovation (Forum on Health and Innovation), with the support of iaelyon.

Program and sign up information (in French)
The Forum Santé Innovation which is organized by La Tribune is an important finance event in the health-care world in France. It is a chance for the finance world and the healthcare world to come together to:
  • Understand the challenges in health in our society
  • Examine the opportunities that have emerged from the health crisis
  • Advance the outreach of Research in health innovation
  • Highlight the most innovative initiatives  

iaelyon, providing training in health management and marketing since 1991

iaelyon has developed a special curriculum for students, professionals, practitioners and scientists from the health care world.

  • Master Management des Industries Pharmaceutiques et des Technologies Médicales(Master in Management in Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Technologies)  which was created in 1991, aims to provide professionals of the pharmaceutical industry a dual expertise in managerial techniques, specific and adapted to the reinforcement of the high-quality standards, regulations and technological evolutions of which this key sector is at the heart. The Master trains managers to be versatile and agile, mastering tools and methods specific to this dynamic, internationalized and innovative sector, which covers everything from gene therapy and oncology to the sciences of diagnostics and ICT.
  • Master Management de la Qualité dans les Industries Pharmaceutiques et Biomédicales,(Master in Quality Management -Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries) was created in 2019 in partnership with IFTLM-Lyon Catholic University for students with a bachelor’s degree in biology, pharmacy, and other life sciences, who wish to become health professionals who have both an expertise in the scientific, technological and regulatory side of healthcare as well as in the management and biomedical aspects of working in these industries, as well as in the medical accreditation and certification fields.
  • Le Master 2 Conduite du Changement dans les Territoires, Établissement et Réseaux Sanitaires et Médicosociaux (Master in Change Management, Healthcare and Medico-Social Facilities and Networks) aims to prepare professionals in the health and socio-medical field (particularly disability and aged-care workers) in providing them a global perception of the issues in the organization and decision-making in healthcare, as well as a specific expertise in innovating change in organizations with a complex corporate governance and in the new reforms dealing with health and decentralized policies, particularly in link with the French Agences Régionales de Santé (ARS).
  •  Master 2 Management et Communication en Structures Vétérinaires Libérales  (Master in Management and Communication in Veterinary Private Practice) is organized in partnership with VetAgro Sup, a specialized veterinary school in Lyon, and is designed for graduates or students in their last year of training at VetAgro Sup to complement their scientific and technical training with a multidisciplinary approach which combines the veterinary sciences with business management courses, so that they can run independent veterinary practices.
  • Master 2 Management de l'Action Collective en Santé Publique Vétérinaire (Master in Management of Collective Action in Veterinary Public Health) is organized in partnership with the Ecole Nationale des Services Vétérinaires (ENSV), a branch of VetAgro Sup that aims to specialize students in veterinary public health, and provides the students with the possibility of complementing their expertise with managerial practices specifically adapted to the issues in their field.