Professional Orientation Weeks at iaelyon, 2021 Edition, 100% online

Published on January 25, 2021 Updated on April 13, 2021
Semaine de l'Orientation
Semaine de l'Orientation

Are you looking for an internship ?

Apply now and up until the 22nd February to the offers on our dedicated platform, Link’iaelyon by U3e with the hashtag : #stageiaelyon2021

These offers are for you if you are in the following situation :

  • Student of our general bachelor degrees, internships that cover an array of the fundamentals in management (finance, management, HR, commerce) for a duration of 8 weeks minimum from mid-May
  • students in the first year of their master degrees, for a duration of 3 to 5 months, starting from early April
► Make sure to check out the internship agreement procedures by connecting to your U3e account (same username/password as your intranet!)

Participate in the online events of your choice

For the Professional Orientation Weeks of iaelyon which run from 1st to 10th February 2021, as students of iaelyon, you can participate in:

Jobs/sectors Conferences - From 1st to 5th February 2021

Given by professionals in a 100% online format, in French

iscover the jobs and sectors that are producing jobs and to which iaelyon’s degrees offer pathways.
Professionals, experts in their domains, will explain their environment, their market, their evolution and the different ways to join them

  • Monday 1st February from 12.30PM to 1.15PM
    Jobs in marketing and communication
  • Tuesday 2nd February from 12.30PM to 1.15PM
    Jobs in finance
  • Thursday 4th February from 12.30PM to 1.15PM
    Jobs in purchasing/logistics/supply chain management
  • Friday 5th February from 12.30PM to 1.15PM
    Jobs in human resources 
  • Friday 5th February from 12.30PM to 1.15PM
    Jobs in commerce/managing and developing brand networks

► Sign up via Link’iaelyon by U3e ("évènement" section)

Workshops – Monday 8th February 2021 from 12.15PM to 1.55PM

Led by the Career Center, 3 workshops of 30 minutes each in a 100% virtual format will be held to help you prepare for looking for an internship.

1/ Keys for defining my professional project
Anne-Laure THOLLOT - iaelyon Career Center Counsellor

2/ Optimizing my CV for looking for an internship or a work-study program
Maude GUTIERREZ - iaelyon Career Center Counsellor

3/ Tips for a successful interview
Camille ROBLES – iaelyon Career Center CounsellorL

► Sign up via Link’iaelyon by U3e ("évènement" section)

Speed Coaching – Wednesday 10th February 2021 from 12PM to 2PM
These short, online individual meetings, run in total privacy, might be just the right opportunity for you…

Wondering about your future, or an unknown element which is stopping you from going futher, or maybe you have identified a block in the realization of your project ? The graduates of the D.U. Coaching program of iaelyon will help you ask the right questions in order to help you with your thinking.

► Sign up via Link’iaelyon by U3e ("évènement" section)

Contact :
Career Center iaelyon - Ph: +33 (0)4 78 78 71 52 :